How to be Confident Wearing Color

Top: Forever 21  |  Pants: Forever 21  |  Sandals: Abound
          This may be a little difficult for me to explain because I've personally never had any issues wearing bright colors.  I have always been naturally drawn to color.  I couldn't imagine avoiding it.  I have just heard people over the span of my life say something along the lines of "I can't pull that off, it's too bright."  Based off previous conversations and observations, it seems that a lot of people think that if they wear a bright color it will make them stand out too much.  I don't think this is the case.  When you walk around and look at people, a lot of them are wearing bright colors and you don't really notice them more than people that are wearing all black.  If anything, I notice the people in black more.  I think it's more about your behavior and what you are doing that gets you noticed, unless you are wearing a stand-out style or perhaps a neon color.
          With that being said, I think if you want to experiment with color and you are new to the concept you should start small.  Perhaps try a colorful accessory first.  Maybe try a pair of shoes, bag, or jewelry.  Pair that with whatever colors you are really comfortable with.  I would choose a color that you really love because you will feel more comfortable.  Also, pay more attention to style and fit.  If something fits you perfectly you are more likely to feel confident.  If it happens to be in your favorite color then it's a win-win.
          You can also go off of the traditional skin tone color charts.  I think these are kind of outdated and I never really used them but I think there is some merit to it.  I'm talking about the spring, summer, autumn, winter thing that was floating around all of the fashion magazines years ago.  I never paid much attention to it because I couldn't imagine not wearing something because a chart tells me not to and because I could never figure out what my color was.  If you are interested thought it's pretty easy to search online.  I do genuinely think that some skin tones look better in certain colors.
          Other than that I would say that you should just keep in mind that you can pull anything off that anybody else can.  Don't doubt your choices and don't pay any attention to what other people are saying or if you think they might be looking.  you really don't know why they are actually looking.  They might like your outfit or just be looking past you.  You should never not wear something because of what somebody else thinks.  Life is too short to avoid color.

My Plant Collection

Aloe: This one is doing pretty well but it does loose a leaf every once in a while.  
Bamboo: This bamboo has changed very little since I got it.  It may have gotten slightly bigger but I'm not even sure.  The leaves will get a little brown on the ends.  
 Polka-Dot-Plant: This one looked totally different when I first got it.  The leaves were very pink.  A bunch of them fell off and it started to grow longer and more like a vine.  I'm not really sure if it's happy or not. 
Lily: I think this is a peace lily but I'm not 100% sure.  It lost all of it's flowers right away and hasn't grown any new ones.  It almost died at my old apartment because I watered it too much.  I managed to save it and now it is doing better.  It always does a good job of showing me when it needs water.  the leaves will lay flat and get really wilted.  I really need to dust the leaves off. 
 Neanthebella: This is one of my newer plants but it is doing pretty well.  If it dies, I'd buy another because it's easy to care for and I really like how it looks.  
Sarah the Monstera: This is my giant Monstera.  It's my favorite plant because it's just so massive and tropical looking.  It has never really had much of an issue until I moved.  I had it in the living room and it wasn't getting enough light.  I recently moved it into the bedroom and it seems to be doing better.  Some of the leaves will occasionally turn brown.  Overall I am surprised that I managed to keep it alive.  It's hasn't been very hard.  

          I have always been a plant lover, even though it may not seem like it.  I don't have a ton of plants but I live in a one bedroom apartment so it's hard to find space.  Also, I've had quite a few die recently.  I am not amazing or terrible with plants.  I do kill them sometimes but I have managed to keep quite a few alive.  It's difficult because the lighting in my apartment isn't the best.  I just love how plants feel when they are indoor.  I kind of feel like a room isn't complete unless it has a plant.  When I have a house I hope to have a huge garden with flowers and vegetables. When I was younger I wanted my entire house to be like a greenhouse and I thought I would live in a treehouse (indoor), with bridges and rope ladders.  Clearly, a bit unrealistic.  I guess it's still possible but not really what I  still want.  I've decided to share what houseplants I currently have just because I like to talk about them.  Also, I can always use advice if you are really good with them.  One thing I need to get better at is remembering what they are called and actually researching how to care for each one.  

My Favorite Jewelry Pieces Part 2

Earrings from my wedding: T.J. Maxx 
Ring from Wish (it's surprisingly good quality)
Pearl floral earrings: Asos
Temporary Wedding Band: Local Eclectic (still need to get the real one that goes with my ring)
Wedding ring for times when I don't want to risk ruining my real one: Etsy
Horn or moon opal earrings: Local Eclectic (gift from my husband)
Opal necklace: Gift from my aunt from when I was a little kid
Hoop earrings: Nordstrom Rack Sample Sale
Faux tourmaline earrings: T.J. Maxx
Super sparkly purple studs: Kate Spade New York
          A few years ago I did a post about my favorite jewelry pieces.  Since then, I have gotten a few new favorites and stopped wearing some of the others.  A lot of these are earrings.  I guesss I have grown fonder of earrings or just have been buying more.  I obviously still love the jewelry from my other post, especially my engagement ring.  I really haven't been wearing much jewelry the past few months because I don't do that much but I hope to wear it more often.  

Day Trip to Solvang

TOP: Lulu's  |   SKIRT: Lulu's  |  SANDALS: Forever 21  |  BAG: Coach  |  SUNGLASSES: T.J. Maxx 
          I've been wanting to return to Solvang since we moved to California but we haven't really gotten around to it until now.  Last time I was there was almost 5 years ago.  It was raining and cloudy, not the best day.  It's a little over 2 hours from Los Angeles, good for a day trip.  I love European inspired towns.  This one is Danish and every single corner of this town fits that theme.  If that's your thing (like it is mine) you should really check it out sometime.  There are tons of cute shops, restaurants, bakeries, wineries, and hotels.  Of course, not all of that is open right now.  We didn't stay the whole day because it was 90 degrees out and more crowded than I would have liked (especially right now).  We still had a lot of fun and my pom puppy loved it too.  He seems to love little day trips like this.  We just went in a few shops, walked around and took photos, and got a pretzel and some fudge.  I would definitely like to come back when it's not so hot or rainy.  

Why You Should Have a Bucket List

           I've had a bucket list since sometime in High School.  I have always liked the idea of keeping track of my life goals.  I am a huge list-maker.  I am definitely the type of person that loves to have diverse experiences too.  I feel like having a list just helps you to stay on track for accomplishing as much as you can in life.  It kind of ensures that you have fun and do what you love to do.  If you are bored or you have a birthday coming up it's nice to have a list that you can look at to accomplish something you really want to do.  I am always looking at it, trying to think of ways to check another thing off.  On the flip side, I know a lot of the things on my list may not be realistic so I won't be too sad if I never accomplish them.  It just helps me to strive to live a good and fun life.  I am always adding to my list because I always think of things.  Or as I age, the things I want in life change a little bit too.  I think that's okay.  When I accomplish something I check it off instead of deleting it because it's more satisfying to look back at.  Also, I must add that there are tons of places that I want to visit and things I want to see and do but I don't add them to my list because it would be way too long.  I just add the most significant ones.  Here is my list so far:

Bucket List

-Take a hot air balloon ride
-See the castles of Germany
-✓ Try a churro (that's on there because I realized I had never had one and just wanted to try one)
-Travel to the main continents
-✓ Ride a tandem bike
-Try water skiing
-Visit Machu Picchu
-✓ See manta Rays
-✓ Take a spontaneous vacation
-✓ See the Nutcracker Ballet
-Visit Greece
-Go to all 50 states
-✓ See a whale while whale watching
-Eat pizza in Italy
-Fly paper lanterns
-✓ Go to all 5 Great Lakes
-Buy a cuckoo clock in Europe
-Meet Taylor Swift
-See Cinque Terre
-See a wild kangaroo
-✓ Go to the Eiffel Tower
-See flamingos in the wild
-Visit an elephant sanctuary
-Experience 24hr daylight
-See the Northern Lights
-Japan for cherry blossom season
-Attend a fashion week in any city
-✓ Napali Coast
-Go on a safari in Africa
-Experience zero gravity (in a zero gravity plane)
-Go to all the Disney Parks
-Ride an Alps Coaster or mountain coaster
-High Tea in England
-✓ See bioluminescence
-Mine opal
-Go to the top of the tallest building (currently Burj Khalifa)
-Visit an amethyst cave
-Visit all of the reasonably accessible U.S. National Parks (not many in Alaska)
-✓ Fly in a helicopter
-Visit the town from The Sound of Music
-Start a fashion label
-Go to a Christmas Market in Europe
-Own a designer bag
-Learn French (to a conversational level)
-Own a boat
-Try a stand-up paddleboard

What to Wear With Mom Jeans

TOP: H&M  (similar) (similar)  |  JEANS: H&M  |  SHOES: Abound (Nordstrom Rack)  |  BAG: H&M  |  NECKLACE: Gift
          I have been a longtime fan of mom jeans.  I feel like the trend kind of started out with boyfriend jeans.  They were much baggier, often had lots of rips, and lower waistline.  I didn't really like those, not going to lie.  Once the trend migrated to mom jeans, I hopped onboard.  The waistline of mom jeans is higher and they are a bit more narrow.  I really love them now.  I own 4 pairs and they are normally the only style of jeans I wear.  I do still wear skinny jeans every once in a while because not all tops work with mom jeans.  Styling mom jeans isn't especially hard but you really have to wear something cropped with them or tuck your shirt in.  I love this combo because the top is shorter and a bit flared out at the bottom.  I think it goes well with the jeans.  I probably wouldn't wear a top that is any longer than this though.  Most often I wear t-shirts with these jeans.  I will just tuck it in or tie it in the front.  I feel like because these jeans are so baggy, they need to be worn with something that shows your waistline or overall silhouette.

Cute Face Masks

(Photo from FindyourMast) Etsy
(photo from BaubleBar
(Photo from Anthropologie
(Photo from Forever 21)
(photo from Shopbop) Tanya Taylor
(photo from Free People)
          Here are my favorite picks for cute masks.  I know tons of brands are making them now and most designers.  They are constantly selling out from a lot of the more popular designers, so I didn't bother linking those.  I may make a park two of this post, depending on how long Coronavirus is around.  Non of these are medical grade, so they still require 6 feet of distance.  I am merely just sharing my favorites!  If you are looking for a basic cotton one, Target has a ton by the registers.