My Current Favorite Influencers

I don't know if you are looking for any new influencers to follow, but I though I would throw together a list of my current favorites from YouTube, Instagram, and blogs.  Some of these accounts aren't necessarily my favorites, but maybe I am just really enjoying them right now as well.  My list includes all of the categories that I follow.  Most of them are fashion and travel accounts.  I know most of these are really popular but I just wanted to put them together in a list.  Let me know who your favorites are.  Also, I don't read a lot of other blogs.  I'm always looking for new ones.  What are your favorites?

-Flying the Nest
-Fashion Mumblr
-Aspyn Ovard
-Brad & Hailey Devine
-Kendall Rae
-Bryce + Hailey

-Connie and Luna


Purple Chenille Sweater

SWEATER: Max Studio  |  JEANS: Forever 21  |  BOOTS: Steve Madden  |  NECKLACE: Forever 21  |  PURSE:  Target
          I have been wanting a chenille sweater for SO long!  I never got around to buying one because some of them aren't very soft.  I finally found this super pretty, soft, and good quality one from Max Studio.  I also really love the color.  I just paired it with jeans like I normally do with all of my sweaters.  That's what I've pretty much been living in all winter.  
          We discovered this cute little marina area on Christmas.  We were looking online for places that have lots of lights, and came across this area.  It's a super nice little island neighborhood with waterways and boats behind all the houses.  There is a walkway with bridges where you can walk next to the water.  

Big Bear Lake

Plaid Scarf
Winter outfit
Big Bear Town
Big Bear Lake
crystal ball photo
sitting in snow
COAT: H&M  |  SCARF: Forever 21  |  BOOTS: Primark
          Recently we took a little day trip to Big Bear Lake.  We have heard so much about it and wanted to see what it was like.  Also, we wanted to see snow again.  It's a little sky town in the mountains that is located right on a lake, in California.  We only went for the day but it was a nice trip.  We want to go back and go snowboarding/skiing.  There is also an alpine coaster, which is something I have been wanting to do for so many years!  It's not as big as the ones in Switzerland but it still looks fun.  My outfit in this post isn't very exciting but it was nice to wear my winter coat again.  Let me know if you have been.  

My New Year's Outfit: 2019

Gold Glitter NYE
TOP: H&M (on sale in store)  |  SKIRT: Forever 21
          This year for New Year's my fiancé and I celebrated our nine year anniversary.  We usually celebrate New Year's on the 31st and our anniversary on the 1st.  For NYE we went to a party at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  It was really fun and a unique thing to do.  They had different DJ's set up in different areas, places to buy alcohol and snacks, and a count down with confetti.  You could also explore all of the aquarium.  There were lots of people dancing and it was really fun.  We watched fireworks at midnight. 
          The following day we went to Malibu.  We were planning on going to San Diego, but didn't feel like waking up early enough to drive there.  In Malibu we went on a short hike at Topanga State Park and went out to eat at a seafood restaurant.  Then we made a quick stop at the beach.  Since being engaged we weren't as concerned with doing something super amazing for our anniversary.  Although, this is the last year we will have NYD as the anniversary that we celebrate.  
         This is the outfit that I wore for NY day.  I was planning on wearing it for NYE but it was too cold.  I recently got this t-shirt from H&M and I love the gold on it.  It matched with an older skirt that I had so I just wore them together.  I hadn't had a chance to wear the skirt yet, so it was perfect. How did you guys celebrate the new year?

How to Accomplish New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!! For the past few years I have been doing a really good job of accomplishing my new year's resolutions that I set for myself.  I don't accomplish all of them, but most of them.  I have always felt like there is no point in making a list if you are just going to forget about it.  New Year's is the perfect opportunity to start fresh.  Here are some tips that I try to follow every year.

1.  Get a planner and write in it.
I think  they are very important for managing time.  I am the type of person that loves making lists.  Any time I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I make a list.  My planners really help to keep life organized.

floral planner
I got this one for Christmas from my fiancé!

2.  Think about what you want most and limit it to about 5.
Having a small list is much more realistic.  Of course it's good to think about every thing you want to change and fix but there is a very small chance you will actually succeed.

3.  Make your goals very specific so you know what to aim for.
I think when you say exactly what you want, it is more clear in your head.  It's always easier for me to have a clear vision if I can set a quantitative goal.  The more specific, the better.

Example: I want to loose 10 pounds by August.

4.  Think about ways you can work on your goals. 
Be proactive.  Think about things you can do to get closer to accomplishing your goals.  Think about the actual steps you will take.

5. Stay positive
If you aren't doing a great job, keep it positive.  It's never too late to turn it around.  If you get off track it's best to stay positive and not give up.

Paperless Post Christmas Cards

          This year was the first year my fiancé and I sent Christmas cards.  We used an alternative method to traditional cards.  We sent digital cards from Paperless Post.  This is the card that we sent.  I thought it was super cute because I love gingerbread houses.  Paperless Post has all sorts of invitations and card options.  I thought about doing new years cards but fell in love with the cute little gingerbread house.  They also work with a bunch of other companies that I love to create pretty designs, like Kate Spade and Grey Malin.  Check out the site for the next time you need to send a card.  It saves a stamp and trip to the mailbox.  😀

First California Christmas

SWEATER: H&M (available in store)  |  JEANS: Forever 21  |  SUNGLASSES: Zero UV  |  BOOTS: Rue 21
          Merry Christmas!!  This year was my first warm Christmas ever.  It was super strange but the weather was perfect.  I wore my new winter sweater with this pretty embellished deer.  I love how the antlers are sprinkled with pearls and rhinestones.  The pom pom nose is also adorable.  I LOVE Christmas sweaters so much because they are just so festive.  I found this beauty at H&M, in store.  It is still available, just not online.  Today we opened presents, stopped by the beach, went for a little walk, ate dinner (lobster), and played Eddies new games.  We also did some other things but mostly normal Christmas stuff.  Hope everybody had a good holiday!

Styling a Beret

BERET: H&M (similar) (another cute one)  |  SWEATER: H&M  |  BOOTS: Primark  |  NECKLACE: Forever 21
          I've always loved berets and have always wanted one with a pompom on top.  I remember wearing a cream colored one to school all the time when I was younger.  I found this beautiful one at H&M.  I just think it is the perfect color combo.  I wish it was a bit smaller because it is a little too big for my head.  A YouTuber that I watch bought the same one and reminded me that it looks like something Jenny Humphrey (from Gossip Girl) would wear. 
          The way I style berets is with an outfit that looks pretty feminine and winter-y.  It's hard to wear them in southern California but i'm just going to do it anyway.  I think it's a bit difficult to style them with hairstyles as well. I like to wear my hair in some sort of style, other than just down.  I think it makes it look a bit cuter and just a little bit better.  I like to wear braids or partially up.  Here is a post from last year where I styled one with two braids.  I think they look best on your head when they are placed back a little more and a bit off center.  

Victoria Beach in Floral

TOP: Target  |  JEANS: Asos  |  BELT: vintage  |  BACKPACK: Sole Society  |  SANDALS: H&M  |  SUNGLASSES: T.J. Maxx
          This past week one of my sisters visited me in California.  We did some fun things, including going to one of my favorite beaches.  This beach is Victoria Beach, in Laguna.  It's so pretty and has this old "pirate tower".  We also did a whale watching boat tour, where we saw hundreds of dolphins.  I have a video on my Instagram page!  It was incredible.  I plan on going again in a few months when it is more into whale season.  The weather was really nice that day so I wore this sheer floral top.  I found it in the sale section at Target.  I think it is so pretty.  I styled it with a nude cami underneath.  I wanted to layer it with a cardigan but it got too hot out.  

Plaid Paper Bag Waist Pants

fall outfit
fall plaid
beach outfit
forever 21 necklace
crystal cove state park
PANTS: H&M  |  TOP: Meijer  |  BOOTS: Primark  |  SUNGLASSES: T.J. Maxx  |  NECKLACE: Forever 21 
These pants were one of my many clearance finds that I bought with my birthday money.  Most of the other items that I have been blogging about were as well.  They are from H&M and were only $7! My blog should really be about finding the best clearance clothes because that's how I normally shop.  Probably half of everything I buy is from the clearance sections.    Anyway, I really like this outfit for fall.  I like it paired with this horn necklace.  I feel like it just completes the outfit.  These photos were taken at Crystal Cove State Park.  

Casual Warm Weather Outfit

T-SHIRT: Topshop  |  SHORTS: Anthropologie  |  SANDALS: Report  |  SUNGLASSES: T.J. Maxx
          I had decided that I wasn't going to upload this post because the outfit doesn't seem fitting for the season.  It's weird wearing shorts and a tee in the late fall.  I felt like a lot of people wouldn't be able to relate and therefore wouldn't be interested.  I decided to upload it anyway because it's my real outfit and I really like these shorts.  I'm not crazy about the combo, but individually I love them.  I might blog about these items again in the future, styled in a different way.  

FYY IPad Pro Case for Christmas

          If you are in need of some holiday gift ideas I will be posting a gift guide, but in the meantime these FYY iPad Pro 11 inch cases would make the perfect gift to anyone.  You can find them at FYY store, online.  I think it would make a great gift for those people that are very difficult to shop for, such as your father or other family members.  I always find it hard to shop for my dad.  These come in three colors; red, black, and brown.  They are made of genuine leather, so they are built to last.  They would make a very practical gift.  The red one is my personal favorite because it reminds me of the fall and winter time.  Black would probably be the safest bet if it's for a gift, though.  FYY also sells tech cases for other products.  Check them out and be sure to stop by the FYY Facebook page.

Gingham Peplum

TOP: 1901  |  CARDIGAN: Poof New York  |  JEANS: H&M  |  SHOES: Massini  |  BACKPACK: Sole Society  |  SUNGLASSES: Marshall's 
          Almost all of these items are new (from my birthday).  I paired them together because they are all black and white.  I love the gingham checker print mixed with the black and white speckled cardigan.  I wore my new black jeans with the outfit.  They are from H&M and honestly I regret buying them.  H&M jeans never fit me properly.  They are too tight in the thighs and too loose around the ankles.  Don't you hate when you try something on and you think it fits?  Then you get home and after wearing it a couple of times you decide it doesn't.  It's too late to return them.  I bought them because I normally get my black jeans from Forever 21 because they fit perfectly but they only last like 8 months.  I wanted to see if they would last longer from another store.  On the positive side, I do love this gingham peplum top!