Naipo Travel Pillow

          I decided to do a review of this travel pillow because my blog is primarily about fashion with a little travel.  Travel is my number one passion but I don't get to do it as much as I would like.  I have been on the lookout for a good travel pillow for a few years.  I am one of those people that has trouble sleeping in planes and cars unless I am completely comfortable.  The one I used to use is inflatable and it's terrible because as soon as I put it on it pops right off.  There is no tie around the neck to keep it on.  I love how this one has an adjustable clip.  
          I can genuinely say that I love this pillow.  It's very firm, yet soft.  It's made from memory foam with a bumpy gel coating on top.  The gel is meant to cool you down.  Not sure how well that works but it can't hurt to have it.  I don't know how the price of this one differs to others on the market but it seems pretty comparable.  I am hoping to go to Europe in the near future.  I am excited to take it along.  It also conveniently comes with this pouch.  You can keep it inside and hang it off the handle of your suitcase.  I would recommend this item. 

Casual Date Night Outfit With Adore Me*

Casual Date Night Outfit

LEGGINGS: Michael Kors
BOOTS: Burberry
PURSE: Dolce & Gabbana
RING: Anne Sisteron
CHOKER: Azalea

          Adore Me offers a huge variety of intimates that you may be interested in for your next date night.  These pieces will be sure to boost any girl's confidence.  This is an example of my ideal date night outfit.  Since I have a boyfriend, I'm not usually too concerned with impressing him (lol).  Many of our dates are more casual.  They typically involve going to the beach (even in the fall), going for walks, eating out, seasonal activities, or watching a movie.  Occasionally we will go some place that requires dressing up and of course I would wear something fancier.  I feel like this outfit is the perfect combination of cute, chic, and comfy.  I would love to wear this outfit out on one of our fun days in Chicago.  We go there often to eat and go shopping.  We are planning on going soon for my birthday, so stay tuned for that post too!

Fruit Pants

PANTS: BCBGeneration 
PURSE: Michael Kors
SHOES: Report

          I have been doing more shopping at the outlet mall near my house lately.  I recently found these amazing jeans from BCBG! They are basically the cutest jeans ever.  I know it's kinda strange to be wearing white jeans with fruit on them in the fall, but I really wanted to show them to you guys.  They aren't available anywhere online, but you can find them at the outlet store if you have one near you.  They were originally $98 and I got them for $15!  What is so great about them is that they actually fit really well.  It's so hard for me to find jeans that fit because I am petite, but also a bit thicker.  Sorry you can't find any of these items online but you should be able to find some of them in stores.  The purse (Michael Kors Outlet) and purse tassel (Ross) are also new and can be found in store. 

Casual Sweatshirt

SWEATSHIRT: Souvenir from Saugatuck, MI
JEANS: Forever 21
SHOES: Gray Malin X Sperry
CHOKER: Made myself

     This is just one of my new super casual outfits.  I bought this sweatshirt a few weeks ago from Saugatuck, Michigan.  I don't really own any sweatshirts so I wanted one.  I love getting souvenirs that you can wear because you can keep them for so along and actually use them.  Also, they don't clutter your home.  Sweatshirts are so nice because you can just throw them on to stay warm.  The reason I don't really own any is because they are pretty casual for my taste and my usual style.  I wouldn't wear it out too much, but it's great for going for a walk or staying in.  What I love about this one is the nautical style.  I love anything having to do with boats and water.  I have also been visiting Saugatuck since I was little and never bought a shirt from there.  I did a blog post about the trip when I bought this.  You can check it out HERE

Dresslily Halloween*

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StyleWe for Fall*

Off-Shoulder Blouse
Striped Shift Dress
Lace A-Line Dress
Asymmetrical Mini Skirt
Cropped Jacket
I have selected some of my favorite items from StyleWe.  I love each of these items and I think they would be perfect for autumn.  

1.  Let me start with the backpack.  It's super cute!  The gold ears make it look like a black cat, which is perfect for Halloween time.  I love black cats and have always wanted one so whenever I see something with a black cat on it, I am drawn to it.  
2.  The next item is this amazing top.  it's made from this sheer black fabric and has a subtile pattern.  I really love the off-the-shoulder style.  I feel like this would be perfect for a warmer fall day or going out.  
3.  This next dress just looks super casual, cool, and comfortable.  I feel like this is one of those pieces that you would be able to style a ton of different ways.  
4.  This navy dress is really pretty.  I always love lace and I think this lace is especially pretty.  It's great for fall because of the color and the long sleeves, obviously.  
5.  I just think this wrap skirt looks really pretty.  I love how it is outlined with black.  I think it looks really cool with the asymmetrical style.  
6.  This jacket looks very chic and expensive.  I feel like it looks like high quality.  It's one of those items you won't find anywhere else.  It's super unique.  

Pumpkin Fun

DRESS: Forever 21
PURSE: Michael Kors

          There is an apple orchard near my house where you can do all sorts of autumn activities.  They have a store where they sell lots of different types of apple and pumpkin foods and products, you can go through a corn maze, pick apples, get a pumpkin, and some other things for kids.  My boyfriend and I went yesterday to go to the store.  We each got donuts and some kettle corn.  My boyfriend got a pumpkin donut and I got one of each (apple and pumpkin).  The pumpkin donuts are much tastier.  I've never really been a donut person but I had to try them here because everyone is always raving about how good they are.  We are planning on going back to go through the corn maze.  I just decided to wear this plaid dress from Forever 21.  I've already blogged about it but I wanted to wear it again.  

New Accessories

TOP: Dresslink
JEANS: Blue Spice
BOOTS: Steve Madden
PURSE: Michael Kors
SUNGLASSES: Quay Australia
CHOKERS: Made myself

          Recently, I got a few new things that I want to share.  A few weeks ago, I found these amazing sunglasses by Quay.  I found them at T.J. Maxx.  I didn't know they carry that brand.  I love these because the shape is so perfect.  The color is beautiful too.  I really love a ton of the styles that Quay makes but I didn't have any because they are so expense.  For me, when it comes to sunglasses it's all about quantity rather than quality.  I'd rather have tons of different fun pairs that are inexpensive, rather than a few designer ones.  Sunglasses are my number one favorite accessory so I am always buying new ones.  Of course I love designer sunnies, I just lose them too often.  Also, I always feel like cheap ones are just as good of quality as expensive ones.  Luckily, I found these.  The are the best  of both worlds.  
          I went shopping more recently and found this Michael Kors purse.  What I love about it is how sleek it looks.  It's also the perfect size for all of my necessities.  I can carry my camera for blogging, my phone, my wallet, and a few other items all at once.  At the same time, it's not too big.  

Warren Dunes

TOP: Target
PURSE: Souvenir from Mackinac City, MI

          I found this top in the clearance section at Target, before I went to Florida.  I brought it with just as another casual tank top.  I love the detail of the top section.  These shorts are from Zara and I've had them for a few years.  They are really great for just throwing on over a swimsuit.  This little cell phone pouch is what I bring with me when I don't want to carry around anything other than my cell phone.  It's perfect for doing things like hiking or going to the beach because it's super lightweight.  Sometimes I only want to bring a cell phone with to take pics and just avoid lugging around a purse.  This whole outfit was perfect for hanging out at a State Park and at the beach.
        These pictures were taken at Warren Dunes State Park in Michigan.  I hadn't been there since I was little.  My boyfriend and I took a trip there for the day to see what it was like and just hang out.  I was super impressed with how hug and vast the dunes are.  I'm sure I'll be going back there either in the fall or next summer.