Flamingo Pink


          I am obsessed with this swimsuit.  It's the last suit I got from Gamiss.com.  Check out my previous post to see the others I got.  I love the print and the fit is great.  It's just all around the perfect one-piece.  It also matches my flamingo float!   The lace-up detail in the back means you can adjust the size a little bit.  It's also really trendy right now. 
          I have been wanting an inflatable flamingo for the longest time.  I have always had a strange obsession with inflatables.  I have a pretzel, a giant hamster ball, and a bunch of other random little ones.  I wanted a flamingo but they are super expensive pretty much everywhere.  I found out that Walmart had affordable ones and bought it immediately.  It's really good quality and huge.  It can fit 2-3 people at once, all laying down.  Unfortunately, that means it's really inconvenient to use because it doesn't fit in my car.  It's fine though because my dad has a truck and I can also take it on my boat.              

Swimwear from Gamiss


          I got these two swimsuits in from Gamiss.com and love them.  I also recently got one more too.  That one will be featured in an upcoming blog post.  For the most part all of them fit me perfectly and they are so pretty.  I honestly can't even decide which one is my favorite.  I really love the pink one but the bottoms are too "cheeky" for me.  I will be wearing different bottoms with it, but I am obsessed with the style of the top.   I also really love this wrap around suit.  It's hard to tell in these pictures what it looks like but you can click the link to see more detail.  It's super comfortable and I love the print.  Here are some cute one-piece swimsuits.

The Murder Mystery Company

DRESS: Zara || PURSE: Michael Kors || SANDALS: Forever 21

          Saturday evening I attended my first murder mystery dinner with The Murder Mystery Company.  They host public shows in both Oakbrook Terrace and Chicago.  I went to the one in Oakbrook Terrace.  If you live in the Chicagoland area or are traveling through, this could be a fun way to spend an evening.  
          I had never attended a murder mystery dinner before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I thought it was fun all around.  Each show has a theme that goes along with the story.  You are encouraged to dress to fit the theme but you don't have to.  The actors tell a story while you gather clues to try to solve the mystery.  The story progresses while you are eating and between scenes you can question the suspects.  The actors were super into the story and very good.  I do wish there were more food options, though.  
          The mystery took place in the 1950's.  I didn't really dress up because I didn't have any dresses that were from the 50"s.  I wore this dress that kind of looks vintage.  It's from Zara.  I got it over New Years, when I went to Canada.  I haven't had a chance to wear it yet so I thought it would be perfect.  


TOP: Zaful || SHORTS: Levi's || SUNGLASSES: Zero UV || SANDALS: Candies || CHOKER: Zaful

          Happy Friday!  This outfit is another casual one.  I got this top in from Zaful a few days ago.  I ordered it because I love the big "lemon" on the front.  I say "lemon" because it looks a lot more like a lime.  The shirt is super soft though and fits really well.  It's probably the softest shirt I have ever felt.  I think I might take acrylic paint and paint it yellow.  I know it doesn't wash out of clothes and you can do a lot with it.  Or I can just keep it how it is and wear it in a bit more of a comical way.  Let me know what you think I should do!  I decided to tie it up because that's what I have been doing lately when I wear oversized t-shirts with high-wasted bottoms.  Sometimes I will tuck them in or do the side-hip-tuck thing.  I feel like this way looks better with shorts.  

I also want to mention my Poshmark store again.  I am moving to L.A. and need to get rid of the majority of my clothing.  Be sure to check it out because I am selling everything very cheap!

Gingham in Grand Haven

GINGHAM TOP: J.C. Penney || SHORTS: Target (I think) || SANDALS: Forever 21 || PURSE: New Look || SUNGLASSES: ASOS || CHOKER: Zaful || MICHIGAN NECKLACE: Glik's (in Grand Haven)

          Sunday my boyfriend and I spent the day in Grand Haven, Michigan.  We also went to Saint Joe later on in the day.  These pics are all from Grand Haven, though.  I am in love with Michigan.  I feel like it is more of my home than Indiana.  I try to go as much as I can in the summer because it makes summer feel right.  I love taking day trips to different towns by lake Michigan and camping.  Sunday we decided on Grand Haven because I haven't been there very many times.  It was a really good day overall.  We just did a bunch of fun stuff like walking around, shopping, eating, and just sitting by the water.  We actually ended up getting gelato in Grand Haven and then sorbet in Saint Joe.  I highly recommend Michigan as a summer getaway.  It's amazing! 
          I have been lusting over these Loeffler Randall Sandals for a few years now and was never able to buy them.  They are just too expensive for me right now.  I think they are the prettiest sandals I have ever seen.  I came across "dupe" version from Forever 21 a few days ago and knew I had to buy them.  I think they are good "dupe" but I don't think they compare to the Loeffler Randall ones, because the stars are larger.  However, I do love how metallic the Forever 21 ones are.  I'd still love to buy the designer ones someday.  😌  P.S. I'm really annoyed that I didn't wait 2 days to buy these because now they are half the price that I spent on them.  

Yellow Romper

YELLOW ROMPER: Zaful || SUNGLASSES: Quay Australia || SANDALS: Forever 21 || RINGS: Old Navy

          This romper is such a cute style.  I love the tassel trim and casual style.  It's perfect for summer.  You can just throw it over a swimsuit or wear it on a super hot day.  I decided to pair it with these Quay sunglasses that I had because I don't get to wear them very often.  They are an orange color that is hard to fit into outfits.  I think they go perfectly with this romper.  I think this romper runs small, so if you buy it, go one size up.  

My Fourth of July Celebration

I'm not really doing an outfit post this year for Fourth of July because I was pretty much wearing a swimsuit the whole time.  Sunday I went on my family's boat, Monday I went to my grandma's beach house, and on Tuesday (the fourth) I went on the boat again.  It was a very fun few days of beach related activities.  I saw two firework shows out over Lake Michigan, went for a moped ride along the beach, laid out on my inflatable flamingo, got sunburned, ate a lot of food, did a little shopping, and swam in the water.  
If you want to see my previous posts from Fourth of July, here they are

How to Wash Clothes With Tassels

Target Clothes
How to wash tassels
Scorpio Necklace
Reflective Sunglasses
Summer clothing for women

SHORTS:Target | TOP:Target | SUNGLASSES: Zaful | SANDALS: Akira Chicago | NECKLACE: Target

          I just got these shorts from Target in the sale section.  I love this color.  I feel like it is such an uncommon and under appreciated color.  The shorts are a little large but the size down was too small. I don't really mind though.  I also really love the tassels.  I paired it with this top that I got from target two years ago.  I love the way the colors look together.  
          These shorts say that they are machine washable.  I decided to just throw them in the washing machine inside out, even though I figured the tassels would get messed up.  After they were done washing but before I hung them up to dry, I combed out the tassels.  I just took a fine brush and brushed it through the strings so that they would dry correctly.  Before I did that they were super tangled and messed up.  Normally, I would just gently hand wash something with tassels, but I didn't have time.  If your tassels are messed up, I recommend brushing the strings before you let them dry.  You can do it after they dry but it will be much harder.  

Ruffles for Summer

off the shoulder top
girl in a park
embroidered flowers
first day of summer


          😀Happy First day of summer!😀  Summer has always been my favorite season.  The first day of summer is like Christmas to me.  It's always so exciting.  This top is totally my style.  It basically encompasses everything I have been loving.  It's off-the-shoulder (but still has straps), nautical style stripes, and colorful floral embroidery.  It actually fits super well too! I got it from Zaful.  I paired it with these blue shorts from Zara.  I would have probably chosen white shorts to wear with it, but I just got rid of mine and haven't gotten new ones.