Kate Spade Bee Necklace

NECKLACE: Kate Spade via Rocksbox  |  SWEATER: H&M  |  JEANS: Forever 21  |  PURSE: Michael Kors  |  BOOTS: Rue 21
           I got this adorable Kate Spade bee necklace in my new Rocksbox.  I love bees and I think it's super cute.  With the bee population on the decline, I like the idea of little piece of jewelry to remind us to be careful and conscience.  I'm also a really big fan of Kate Spade.  I love how all off the pieces are either pretty, quirky, or cute.  You can get your first month of Rocksbox free with this coupon code: fancyfashioncastlexoxo 

Pelican Cove Park

CARDIGAN: Forever 21  |  BACKPACK:  Primark
          Since moving to Southern California, we have been trying to explore the surrounding areas and find all of the fun things to do.  I think there is literally so much to do that I could live here the rest of my life and never get bored.  Yesterday we went to Pelican Cove Park, which is about a half hour from my apartment.  It's just a little ocean front park with hiking trails and a rocky shoreline.  There are some tide pools with lots of marine life and a sea cave (which we never found).  We saw pelicans and seagulls, crabs, hermit crabs, and some other little creatures.  There is also a lighthouse.  It's supposed to be one of the best places to see whales and dolphins in California.  We didn't get to see any but I really want to go back.  It was cloudy so we want to return when it's sunny.  The hike down to the beach was pretty strenuous because it's a steep hill and there is no path on the beach, just boulders.  I wouldn't recommend it if don't like strenuous hikes but if you do, it's a really fun place to go.  

Spring Dresses from Zaful

          I have one more post about Zaful.  In this post I will be talking about all of the cute dresses that they have for spring.  Zaful is an online clothing store that sells a huge variety of women's clothing.  Spring is always my favorite season for fashion because I think it has the best variety of options.  You can wear warm sweaters, but also dresses.  I love how you can pair skirts with long sleeve shirts and just mix up all of the transitional items in your wardrobe.  What I love the most about spring are the colors and patterns.  Floral is my all time favorite so i'm sure you understand why I love spring so much.  
          As far as dresses go, they are my favorite clothing items (in addition to rompers).  I love the way they are so effortless and cute.  What could be better than one piece of clothing that makes you look so nice, without the effort? Nothing is better.  Zaful has a ton of dresses that fit this category.  If you are looking for a little black dress then you can find a black chiffon dress, or other types of chiffon dresses.  Chiffon is always lovely in the spring.  
          There are more types of dresses that you can find.  White dresses are really nice for spring because they look so natural and air-y.  I really love this second dress because it is pretty basic but the lattice trim adds some interest.  It looks a little boho, which is also my style.  I just think it's so pretty. It would be a good one to wear to the beach.  The next white dress that I've selected is ridiculously cute.  I feel like it is so unique with the see-through bodice and the tassel ties on the sides.  It looks a little scandinavian and it's so cool.  I actually really want this dress.  
          Once again, it's pretty much spring break time, which means beach vacations.  It's so fun to wear a dress to the beach.  This first pink dress is my idea of a beach dress because it's cotton and has the rope lace-up aspect.  The stripes just look a little nautical.  I love it.  Maxi dresses are also really nice to wear to the beach.  Zaful has long beach dresses for you as well.  Slip dresses are another style of dress that is trending right now.  I have seen so many people wearing them.  You could also wear them to the beach because they are lightweight.  This blue one is super cute.  You can find a white slip dress here.  Whatever style of dress you want, I'm pretty sure Zaful has it.  

My First Rocksbox

Rocksbox code for first month free: fancyfashioncastlexoxo
          I am obsessed with these items that I got in my Rocksbox this month.  This is my first time using Rocksbox and it's super fun.  The earrings and ring are my favorites.  What I love about the ring is that it is opal and rose gold.  That is literally my favorite combo and also happens to match my engagement ring perfectly.  I love the way the two look together.  I am very tempted to buy it.  These earrings are also super unique.  I have a weakness for stars, so they are totally my style.  I love how sparkly they are with the allover rhinestones.  I think the style is just so pretty.  It's so interesting how it goes up your ear and then dangles down.  Let me know what you guys think.  Which piece is your favorite? 
          If you have never used Rocksbox I will quickly explain it.  It's like a jewelry subscription box.  You form a wishlist with all of your favorite pieces of jewelry from the store and they select three items and send them to you.  You pay $21 per month and if you choose to buy any of the items that fee goes towards the purchase.  You can keep the box for a little while and wear the pieces.  When you return them, you get a new box.  You can get multiple boxes per month, you just have to buy or return the previous one.  Shipping is free both ways for every box.  What's special about these jewelry pieces is that they are good quality and cannot be found in every store.  I'm not actually sure if you can even buy them anywhere else.  If you want to get your first month free use my coupon code: fancyfashioncastlexoxo

Zaful Swimsuits and Cover-ups

          Since we are coming up on a season change in a few weeks, I wanted to remind you guys about Zaful, and all of the nice pieces they currently have.  I have received many items from Zaful over the years and I am always pleasantly surprised.  If you are new to my blog, I will do a quick review of what Zaful is.  It's an online clothing store for women that has many affordable, trendy clothing items.  The products range from dresses to swimsuits to two-piece sets.  They have a little of everything.  
          Spring break is coming up very soon and I know a lot of my readers are planning on going on a trip.  If you were looking for something to wear over your swimsuit check out these zaful white beach cover-ups.  There are a lot of other types of cover-ups as well.  There are many colors and styles to choose from.  I think cover-ups are really cute because they elevate a beach-y look.  They are also incredibly practical for wearing over your swimsuit.  I selected two of my favorite items from this page.  I love this white romper.  I actually already own it and it's one of my favorite rompers.  It fits true to size and looks so cute.  It's good for a cover-up because of the tie sleeves.  You get a lot of sun on your shoulders but you can easily take it off quickly if you want to go for a swim.  I think my favorite thing about this romper is the fabric.  It's like swiss dot, but the dots are little hearts.  Swiss dot is one of my favorite fabrics in general.  The trim around the shoulders and hem is also a cute touch.  These lace shorts look super fun to wear over a swimsuit because they are see-through so you get a little glimpse of you swimsuit through.  Sometimes it's just nice to wear shorts and not have to worry about swimwear malfunctions.  I'm sure most females will agree with me.  The tassels are super cute too.  
          There is an entire section of zaful black swimsuits.  I think there is just something so nice about a good black suit.  It's kind of like the little black dress of swimsuits.  It's just flattering on everyone and slimming.  You don't have to worry about black suits becoming see-through when you go in the water.  Both of these suits are really cute.  I've been wanting the scalloped one for so long.  It's a dupe for Marysia suits, which I am a huge fan of but cannot afford.  The second one is just really nice looking with the little floral print and ruffles.  They are both totally my style and very flattering styles.  Another nice thing about zaful is that they have swimsuits for big busts.  I know that it can be an issue for some people to find those.  Lastly, I am loving this zaful crochet bikini selection.  I always see these on people at the beach and think they can look really cool.  I'm not sure how they feel in the water but they look interesting.  I'd love to try one out sometime.  

New Workout Pants

CARDIGAN: H&M  |  TANK: Old Navy  |  PANTS: 90 Degree by Reflex  |  SHOES: Sperry  |  SUNGLASSES: Marshall's
          Since moving to Southern California i've found more of a need for workout clothing.  I haven't really been "working out" but just doing a lot of walking and mini apartment yoga sessions.  Over the years I have bought a lot of clothing to exercise in, but it mostly consisted of sports bras, Soffe shorts, and gymnastics leotards.  Most of them are gone now and I haven't been keeping up with my workout wardrobe.  I finally got this pair of yoga pants that I am obsessed with.  I have barely taken them off since I got them.  I finally understand the yoga pant obsession and they are not overrated! I know it's so cliche of me when moving here but it just makes sense.  These just fit SO perfectly.  I love the see-through sections too.  
          I go through phases where I experiment with yoga and these pants are making me want to get back into it.  I've been watching some of Sjana's yoga videos and I just love her.  Sometimes I get bored with beginner yoga.  I love her videos because they are more interesting poses.  If you guys don't already follow her (I'm sure you do), you should check her out.  Also, please let me know if you do yoga and have any favorite YouTube channels that you watch.  

Zaful Summer Dress Options

          Hey guys! I want to talk about Zaful.  I'm sure you know by now, but it's an online clothing store that has a large variety of women's fashion.  They carry super trendy items for everyone's personal style.  Whenever I go on the site, I find so many things that I want.  It's easy to imagine yourself wearing the outfits in different situations.  That's one of my favorite things about shopping.  I just like to style outfits in my head while I shop around, even online.  
          Zaful has a ton of dresses for spring and summer.  There is a huge variety of short summer dresses that are perfect for warmer weather.  I love short dresses because they are so effortless to wear.  You can just throw them on and instantly look cute.  I have linked the above white one because the love the layers.  It's super beach-y and looks kinda boho.  This red gingham one is adorable too.  It would look so cute with a wicker purse.  If you love the gingham look there are several other gingham options here.  Gingham print was super popular last summer and I really think it will still be a trend moving into this summer.  It's just such a cute look.  What I love about gingham is that it's such a timeless print.  It has a permanent place in the fashion industry because it's a common fabric for designers to use to create mock-ups, when sewing.  It's good because of the lines.  It lets you tell when something is uneven or off-grain.  
          Another dress style that I am still seeing around is off-the-shoulder.  I think people are still loving this look because it's so different from regular dress styles.  It looks very feminine and chic.  Zaful has dozens of these dresses.  You can find a red off-the-shoulder dress or many other colors and patterns.  The first two dresses are from this page.  The yellow co-ord is so perfect for some sort of beach vacation or tropical location.  I feel like it would also be really cute to wear to a farmers market or picnic as well.  The same kind of goes for the second dress.  The print is tropical so I think it would be perfect for a vacation or summer.  Spring break is just around the corner so be sure to check out these dresses if you are planning a trip.  
           One more thing that I want to mention is that Zaful has a blog.  If you are looking for fashion inspiration or ways to wear your Zaful clothing be sure to check out the Zaful blog.  There are a lot of different things to read about on the blog.  You can find outfit shots, information about shopping on Zaful, giveaways, topics related to fitness, and so much more.  

Hiking from the Griffith Observatory

JEANS: Forever 21  |  CARDIGAN: H&M  |  T-SHIRT: H&M
           My fiancé and I went for a hike yesterday, starting at the Griffith Observatory.  This is one of my favorite spots around L.A.  You can see literally everywhere and it's so beautiful.  We want to hike all the way to the Hollywood Sign soon but it's 4 miles each way.  The sun was going to set and we didn't have time.  We also tried doing this hike two years ago when we were in L.A. but it started pouring rain.  If you are visiting L.A. you must go to the Griffith Observatory.  

New Home Decor

I have been lusting over this beautiful bench from Target.  I finally got it.  I had to go to a couple of different Targets to find it in stock.  
This mirror is from the dollar spot in Target.
These salt and pepper shakers are also from Target.
These are from Miniso.  I had never been in this store before but it has some pretty cool things.  These were very inexpensive too!
I found these Rifle Paper Co. coasters in the Goodwill in Huntington.  They are so pretty and they hadn't even been opened.  
These flamingo measuring cups are from Hobby Lobby.  I have a very real obsession with flamingos. 
We originally got a pink bath mat from Ikea but quickly replaced it with this one from Target.  The other one was too small, so we put it under our loft ladder.  
I've been wanting this rolling pin for a while.  It's from Target and it was on sale so I finally bought it.  It's really nice because it's marble or granite (I can't tell) so you don't have to push very hard.  
I found these in Homegoods.  They were only $1 each.  
My fiancé bought this llama for me for Valentines Day.  I have been wanting one like it because I think they are adorable.  
          Since moving to Los Angeles I have been shopping around, trying to fill my apartment with furniture and decor.  I brought a lot of my old decor from home but I need all new furniture and kitchen utensils.  I still have a ton of stuff I need to buy but I am having trouble finding affordable things that I actually like.  Also, I am still job hunting so I can't spend all my savings instantly.  I am planning on doing a part 2 of this post when I buy more items.  

New Outfit & New Home

TOP: H&M  |  JEANS: Asos  |  BOOTS: Primark  |  PURSE: Lulu's  |  SUNGLASSES:  Marshall's
           I wanted to do a post for Valentine's Day today but the outfit I wanted to wear needs to be altered.  I decided to post about this outfit instead.  I got the top for Christmas from H&M.  I love it because it's like a basic striped shirt but then it has the shoulder ruffle.  I am always attracted to black and white stripes and probably have too many striped tops.  They are just so easy to wear.  
          I am shooting in a new location.  I recently relocated to Los Angeles.  I am so excited about all of the new potential for blogging locations and entertainment.  Of course, I am looking forward to being able to blog year round without having to deal with snow and cold.  There are so many fun things to come.