New Nip + Fab & Rodial Products

           Today I am testing out a few other products from Nip and Fab and Rodial.  The first thing is Glycolic Fix Night Pads "Extreme."  I've used a very similar one before but these seem to be a bit better.  You can immediately tell the difference.  Your skin feels very clean.  With the other ones, I said there was a bit too much liquid in the container.  With these, they are a little bit more dry.  I don't know if that was intentional or not, but I prefer it.  They also smell really good.  
          The next product that I am testing is the Snake Oxygenating & Cleansing Bubble Mask by Rodial.  It's a charcoal sheet mask that bubbles up over time.  It's a really fun mast to use.  I've seen these all over Instagram, but didn't really know what they were.  It makes your skin feel very clean and revitalized.  
          How to Be an Overnight Success is a book that I honestly cannot wait to read.  It's about the process that the founder went through to create Rodial.  I've always wanted to have my own business so I am looking forward to reading about Maria Hatzistefanis's story.  I have about a 30 hour road trip coming up next week because I am moving across the country.  Hopefully I have some time to start reading it.  

Twisted Back Sweater

TWISTED BACK SWEATER: Zaful  |  JEANS: Forever 21  |  SLIDES: Meijer  |  PURSE: Lulus  |  CHOKER: Primark
          I've been so excited about this sweater.  I love the twisted detail.  It's supposed to go in the back but you can also wear it backwards, so the twist is in front.  I have a "thing" for grey sweaters.  For whatever reason I always gravitate towards them when shopping.  I've seen this sweater all over Instagram.  I love how people have been styling it.  I decided to pair it with some black high-wasted jeans and these slides.  

My Favorite Instagram Pics from 2017

Flowers found in a public garden in Lincoln Park, Chicago
Taken at Indiana Dunes State Park (Mt. Tom trail)
I just really like this outfit ūüėÄ
From the top of a sand dune at "Secret Beach" (I always forget the name)
Notting Hill, London
A friendly squirrel in London
Trying on wedding dresses at BHLDN, Chicago
Just a blog pic I like
Paris, obviously
My dog posing perfectly
I love the lighting and these flowers in this gazebo
Downtown Toronto
A particularly warm day in winter
Mac and cheese grilled cheese from Bridge Street Tap Room, Charlevoix, Michigan
Turkey Run State Park
In our hotel room in Paris, the day we got engaged
Right after getting engaged at the Palace of Versailles 
A field near where my boat is kept.  I just like the picture.
An engagement picture
In London, standing next to a smelly phone booth
At my favorite beach with my fianc√© 
          Hey guys.  Since it's all cold and wintery out it's really hard to get outfit posts up.  I decided to highlight my favorite Instagram pictures from 2017.  Honestly, there are so many more that I wanted to add to this but I was trying to keep it reasonable.  I honestly love all of my pictures and it was really hard to choose.  These are the ones that I either love aesthetically or highlight a really special time in the year.  Also, please follow me on Instagram.  I'd love to make it to 1000 followers. ūüėČ

Faux Fur Hoodie

FAUX FUR HOODIE: Zaful  |  JEANS: Forever 21  |  MITTENS: Forever 21  |  BOOTS: Rue 21
            I got this hoodie in the mail from Zaful a few days ago and I have worn it everyday.  It's so soft and comfortable.  I love it so much! It's a little big but that's part of the reason it's so comfy.  It's also a really pretty pink color.  It's nice to throw on when you are cold but want to look kinda cool.  It's especially come in handy recently because the temperature has been ridiculously cold.  I paired it with these boots that I got for Christmas.  

NYE at Palmer House

SWEATER: H&M  |  JEANS: Forever 21  |  PURSE: Lulus  |  CHOKERS: Star: Zaful, Straight: H&M
           Happy New Year! This year I went to Chicago for NYE to NYD.  New Years is me and my fianc√©'s anniversary.  This year we celebrated 8 years of being together.  We stayed at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel.  It's a super old, historic hotel in downtown Chicago.  I've been wanting to check it out for a little while because it's also known for being very "Instagramable."  As you can see it's super pretty.  There have been loads of famous performers and people that have stayed there.  You can read about the history HERE.  
           This year I wanted to dress pretty casual because I was a bit sick and didn't feel like dressing up.  It was also -2 degrees in Chicago.  We didn't really do much outside the hotel because of the unbearable temperatures.  We just wanted a little getaway.  It was really nice and I got to wear some of my new Christmas presents.  

What I Got For Christmas 2017

PURSE: Lulu's
BOOTS: Rue 21
POUCH: Target
PRINT: T.J. Maxx
CANON 50mm LENSE: From my fiancé's family
SLIDES: Meijer
CANDLE: gift from my aunt
          I've been wanting to do more outfit posts lately but it's unbearably cold outside.  It's hard to blog when the ground is covered in snow and it's below 10 degrees.  I decided to do a post about the things I have been given for Christmas.  I am very thankful for everything.  These things are mostly from my parents.  I picked most of them out myself because my mom hates Christmas shopping.  The candle is from my aunt.  I live the eiffel tower, it's so pretty.  I received the choker from my sister and the planner stickers from my other sister.  The 50mm lens is from my fianc√©'s family.  I have used it a few times and absolutely love the photos that it takes.  I'm looking forward to using it in the future and experimenting with photography.  I bought the calendar and mini pouch with my christmas money.  The rest of the items are from my parents.