Sea Foam Tank

TOP: Forever 21  |  SHORTS: Levi's  |  SUNGLASSES: Marshall's
           I think a staple in a summer wardrobe is a super lightweight tank top that you can wear to the beach or when it's really hot.  They are really nice to have for super hot days.  I have a few different ones.  This is my newest one.  I got it from Forever 21 for around $2.  It's my favorite color and has really pretty lace trim.  It's really just perfect for me.  I also love how it matches the lifeguard stations, haha! 

Summer Floral

SKIRT: Target  |  T-SHIRT: Forever 21  |   SANDALS: H&M  |  SUNGLASSES: Asos
          I found this skirt in the sale section at Target the other day.  It kind of reminds me of like 2009, but I think it's cute anyway.  I really like the colors of the floral.  I needed another casual skirt to wear this summer and it was only $6!  I love going to stores that have fast-fashion and searching through the sales sections.  I feel like trends change so fast and the clothes are so cheap, they normally aren't worth paying much more than sale prices.  You also aren't 100% supporting fast-fashion if the store is hardly making anything off of the item.  Right now I am at this place in my life where I don't like shopping at retailers like that but I can't really afford not to, so I just buy things that are really well made or on super clearance.  

BerryLook Dresses

          Hey guys! I have another online store to tell you about.  BerryLook is a cheap women's online shop that sells a variety of styles.  I don't know about you, but sometimes it can be hard to find clothing items that fit into your budget.  BerryLook has low prices so you don't have to worry so much about spending a lot to find the trends you are looking for.  They carry all kinds of fashion items for women, including tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes, dresses, swimwear, and outerwear.  
          I have selected some of my favorite fashion shift dresses to share with you.  You can find loads more on the website.  These three are my favorite dresses I think.  I really love the first one because the pattern is really pretty.  The style is also super flattering and feminine.  What I love about the second one is how minimal it looks.  It just looks like a casual dress that you can wear anywhere, but it's still unique.  I think the print is cute too.  I love the sleeves on the third dress.  Ruffles are still trendy so it's in style.  Grey is also one of my favorite colors.  I think it's my favorite "neutral" color.  I just find it to be really pretty.  I always gravitate towards grey.  You can find dresses and other items for most occasions on the site.  

More of Big Sur and Carmel

My "I'm happy to be alive" face after finally arriving.  Check out my last post to read about our car accident.  
Hiking through the redwood trees at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
Bixby Bridge
Garrapata State Park
Sea lions on the rock
Can you spot the two otters floating? 
Seals sunning themselves on the beach
Different types of sea birds on the rocks
These were all taken at Point Lobos
There is a dolphin to the left.  Do you see the fin sticking out?
The town of Carmel is so cute.  It looks like it is straight out of a fairytale.  You should totally visit it if you go to Big Sur!
          Like I said in my last post, we were visiting a bunch of state parks along Big Sur in hopes of finding a wedding spot.  I'm not sure if you are even allowed to elope at all of them yet so I have a bunch of research to do.  It's going to be really hard to pick one but I think it's between three places right now.  They are all so pretty.  We saw so many animals on this trip too! We saw some squirrels, seals and sea lions, a dolphin, sea otters, a deer, and all kinds of birds.  Big Sur and Carmel make the perfect getaway spot from the craziness of L.A.  It's just such a fun place to go hiking and be in nature.