A Memorial Day

9:07:00 AM Andrea Ryan 0 Comments

I've never really been very keen on Memorial Day, but this year both my boyfriend and I had that day off from work.  We decided to go to Lake Monroe to to spend a little time in the sun.  We made mini turkey burgers and brought a picnic lunch along.  I chose  to wear my red, white, and blue swimsuit.  I love mixing different prints, in matching colors of swimwear.  My top is from Tommy Girl.  It's awesome because the color is sewn in, it's not a real collar.  My corduroy shorts are thrifted.  They are very comfortable.  I sewed the lace around the bottom because they were a little too short.  It's a really cute way of making your shorts a little longer.  My cheesy star ring is from Wal-Mart.  I came across it and thought it would add a little cheesyness to my outfit.  My other ring is fair trade, from Peru.  The sunglasses are from Asos, and the sandals are Candies.

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