Blue Skies

8:37:00 AM Andrea Ryan 4 Comments

A trend that I love is matching sets.  Weather it be skirt and bustier, shorts and blazers, or pants and tops, I love them all. This one is from Charlotte Russe.  I though it would be perfect to wear over a swimsuit.  My sunnies are from Urban Outfitters.  They are one of my favorite pairs.

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  1. hello my name Is Rachel I also have a blog link below. I enjoy your blog it gives enough info to help someone and enough to give some one else some tips.Your outfit is beautiful.

    1. Thanks! I tried going to your blog but the address can't be found. Is it spelled right? I'd like to look at it.

  2. Love your outfit ! And your blog looks nice !
    Followingg !!


    Want to follow back ^^


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