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Ombre' Bleached Shorts

11:02:00 AM Andrea Ryan 1 Comments

Ombre' is one of the trends that I am really in love with.  I wanted to try to make some ombre' dyed shorts with bleach, so I gave it a whirl.  It turned out alright I would say.  The color does fade from blue to white, but it also looks messy.  I actually love how they turned out and I don't mind the messy look.  This baby doll style top is from Urban Outfitters.  It is the most comfortable top that I own.  I was so excited when I found it, as I have been looking for this style for a while. My purse is Asos, the necklace is from Charolette Russe, and the sunglasses are Mudd. My shoes are another of my D.I.Y's that I made a few years ago.  It's nice to know I can still get good use out of something I made years ago.

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1 comment:

  1. I'm kind of blown away that you made those shorts along with the shoes on your own, when those were the two items that really caught my eye. Very cool! Although, I will admit I'm kinda sad I can't buy those shoes now. :P


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