The Perfect Dress

10:09:00 PM Andrea Ryan 2 Comments

I have found my perfect dress. It's bright and floral (just the way I like it.)  It is made by a brand called Mimi Chica, from Nordstrom.  It is flowy, airy, and loose.  I love the style, specifically, the way it's like a mock babydoll style dress.  It is somewhere between babydoll and skater style.  I love the cut-out in the back, with the floppy bow accents, and the mismatched prints on the bodice and skirt.  My bandeau is from Charolette Russe.  These boots are vintage.  I am wearing a tiny elephant necklace from Forever 21, and an "A" necklace form LC Lauren Conrad.  For my bracelets; the cameo one is from Asos, and I made the string ones.  My watch is Dana Buchman. That is it. Good Bye.

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  1. I really love the way your blog is set up. I also love the outfit, and the contrast of the colors and theme.

  2. That is an absolutely gorgeous dress!


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