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Mauve Moto

4:17:00 PM Andrea Ryan 0 Comments

Moto Shorts: Topshop
Tank: Vintage
Collar tips: Ebay
Ring: Forever 21
Sunnies: Mudd
Sandals: Candies
I love the look of moto style shorts because of the high waist, but they are always really short.  I fixed this issue by sewing some crochet lace around the bottom and pockets.  I got this pair from Topshop.  I love them because they are super soft.  I feel like they are too short to wear out and about because I haven't seen anybody else wearing them.  I added the collar tips to my vintage tank top last year.  They are from Ebay.  Collar tips add a little bit of extra detail to a simple shirt, and it's great.  I recently cropped the shirt and gave it a tie in the front, so I could wear it with these shorts.  I feel like the colors go perfectly together.  

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