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Top: Target
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Bracelets: Asos & made myself
Shoes: Go Jane

          I know I have worn both the skirt and top in posts in the past, but not together.  I really like the red of my top with the stripes of my skirt.  I found these pictures from a while ago and decided to post them.  This skirt from Urban Outfitters is just very useful and versatile. It's a go-to skirt, that goes with at least half of my tops.  Skater/A Line skirts are just so cute and fun.  
          Buckingham fountain is one of my favorite fountains.  The water spouts up to crazy heights and blows in the wind, and it's just so pretty.  Being back at this fountain brought back fun memories of times with my friends and I.  It's just a good, happy place to be, especially on a hot day.  

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  1. what a cute and simple outfit!



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