Floral Forever

1:21:00 PM Andrea Ryan 2 Comments

           I know, this post doesn't appear to be about fashion, but it kinda is.  I am sure I have said before that I love flowers, but I really meant to say that I am obsessed with flowers.  Floral has long been my favorite type of fabric print.  My closet has way too many floral patterns.  I got these crazy lovely flowers from the European Market yesterday and they are a good source of fashion inspiration.  The colors and shapes of the petals are so vivid and pretty.  I know floral is typically a spring/summer topic but I think you can wear floral in the fall too.  I'm not sure what type of flowers these are so if you know, please let me know too.  Thanks!

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  1. They look kinda like gladioli, but I'm not certain.

  2. Amazing flowers! So beautiful! Thank you for stopping by!

    Come back soon to visit me on The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

    Evi xoxo


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