Lace in the Forest

2:59:00 PM Andrea Ryan 0 Comments

Scarf/Turban: Vintage
Dress: Amber Blue
Jacket: Rodarte
Boots: Naturalizer

     Today is a super nice day.  It's really warm and sunny, the perfect early fall day.  I wore this cute white lace dress, with pink lining, by Amber Blue.  I decided to wear my Rodarte denim jacket over the top.  What I love about this jacket is that there is lots of braided trim on the bottom, and the shoulders.  It just adds an element of interest to a simple style.  This beautiful silk scarf is vintage.  I love how versatile silk scarves are.  You can tie them around your neck like I did here, or keep it rolled up and tie it around your neck.  You can also put them in your hair in several ways.  I love the turban headband look, so I did that too.  Comment and let me know if you have any other ideas of how to wear silk scarves.  

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