Rose Gold Leather Look

9:23:00 AM Andrea Ryan 5 Comments

Top: Charolette Russe
Necklace: My own design
Jeans: JCPenny
Sandals and Bangle: Forever 21

     First off, I have to say that I am really starting to love rose gold.  I am new to the concept because normally only jewelry comes in this color and I don't often buy real jewelry.  It seem like rose gold is having a moment right now.  I came across this top and I instantly though "modern, futuristic, high-fashion, why not."  Of course, the "why not" was enough to make me buy it.  It's surprisingly really comfortable.  I actually made this chain necklace to wear with this top.  I paired my metallic gold sandals from forever 21 with this outfit because they are made from a very similar faux leather.  

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  1. You look beautiful !

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  2. I'm loving all the metallic shades in this outfit. Great look xx

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