Watercolor Floral High-Low

10:05:00 PM Andrea Ryan 0 Comments

Infinity Scarf: My own design
Combat Boots: L.E.I.
Sheer Dress: Lily White
Black Leggings: Everywhere and anywhere

          Anything watercolor sticks out to me.  It is my favorite paint style and I love whenever clothing resembles it.  I have a few items that appear to be painted with watercolor.  This dress by Lily White is just that.  The colors blend together in this beautiful floral chiffon fabric.  This dress is awesome because it's like a mix between a top and dress.  It's super short in front, so it requires leggings.  There is no lining under the chiffon and the back is open.  I just love how light weight and flowy it feels.  I made this infinity scarf last winter when I found  myself needing more and feeling a little creative.  

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