A Little N.Y.E. D.I.Y.

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 This D.I.Y. is to make a necklace for New Years, to commemorate the year before.  Ever since I was younger I used to use a jar to collect air from that year.  On N.Y.E. I would find a jar, put some glitter in it, glue the lid on, and write the year on it.  I know, it's strange.  It's something my friends and I did just for fun.  This year I thought it would be cute to use this tiny jar to make a necklace.  Cork probably isn't air tight, but I'm pretending it is.  I think this would be a fun little thing to do at a party, perhaps with children.  

1. Glitter
2. Little bottle charm
3. Fine point marker
4. Glue
5. Chain & clasp
6. clear tape
7. air

The process it pretty self explanatory.  Put Glitter in the bottle, with "air."  Then, glue the cork in the bottle.  Next, write the year on the bottle.  I used this Micron pen.  I think it's permanent, but I'm not sure.  I just put a little square of scotch tape over it so it doesn't smudge.  Finally, Put it on a chain for a necklace.  

This is the end result of mine.  : )


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Sand, Ice, and Velvet

9:07:00 AM Andrea Ryan 2 Comments

Sweater: Target
Skirt: Ebay
Boots: Naturalizer
Purse: Forever 21
Necklace: Target

          I went to the beach the other day because it was surprisingly warm out.  There wasn't much shelf ice left.  I wore my velvet grey skirt and this new sweater from Target.  Velvet has always been one of my favorite fabrics.  When I decided I wanted a velvet skirt, I initially was planning on just making it myself.  However, I had so many projects to finish before Christmas so I just bought one on Ebay.  It was very affordable and I am more than happy with the fit and quality.  I'm still considering getting one in another color too.  Maroon was my second favorite.  I would give you the link to the seller I bought it from but I don't remember what that was.  If you want one just search "velvet skirt," there are loads of listings with different colors at affordable prices.  


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Emerald Christmas Eve

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Dress: ASOS
Bracelets: Chain-my design, White-Lauren Conrad, Geometric Filigree & Spiked-Forever 21
Ring: ASOS
Boots: Steve Madden 

          This year for Christmas Eve my sisters and I decided we wanted to dress up more than past years. We always go to my grandma's house but this year we wanted to make it a little more exciting.  This means I had to buy a new Christmas dress, of course.  I chose this emerald one from ASOS.  I am in love with the style.  It flares out from the lace portion.  It has a scalloped lace collar and another lace section in back.  The buttons going down the back are pretty cool too.  ASOS also had the same one with long chiffon sleeves but they were sold out. :(  This would have been better for winter.  You can just throw on a cardigan over sleeveless dresses anyway, which is what I did.  I'd like to know what everyone else wore on Christmas Eve.  Did you dress up, or keep it casual? 


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Aqua Coat

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Coat: Old Navy
 Boots: Forever 21
Sweater: Vintage
 Mittens: ASOS 
Sunnies: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21

      Today we got more snow, as you can see. I decided to go to the beach to check out the shelf ice and play around. I wore this coat that I got last winter. I am in love with the color. I have been looking for a sea foam green coat for years, and surprisingly found one at Old Navy. I think it looks pretty against the white snow.  Also, I bought these beetle earrings online a few weeks ago from Forever 21. I think they are really nice but the size is huge. I guess that's what I get for not reading the measurements before buying. So keep that in mind when your buying their earrings! I'll still wear them though. 


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Just Some Christmas Wishes

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         These are just some items that are on my Christmas list, are dream Christmas presents, or would make good gifts.  The scarf is Liberty London, which I am in love with.  I find Liberty London to be the perfect brand because they concentrate on producing everything in beautiful floral designs.  How could you go wrong with floral?  I don't think I have to explain why a Starbucks holiday drink is on this list.  I asked for a Michael Kors bag and this Coach perfume.  The Miu Miu sunglasses and Valentino skirt are dream items.  I thing the gift bow earrings and mittens would make nice gifts.  Mittens are cute, warm, and inexpensive.  These are from Modcloth.  The necklace it from J.Crew.  I saw it in their holiday catalog and loved it.  I guess it's another dream item.  This amazing jumper is on the list because it just look so wintery and warm.  It's also very unique.  I'm getting excited about Christmas just writing this!


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Cocoon Coat

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Coat: Vintage
Dress: Catworld Fashion Shop
Boots: Target
Necklace: Vintage
Mittens: Vintage
Velvet Leggings: Forever 21

          It snowed the first real snow for the year, so I broke out my warm coat today.  It's vintage and has had some alterations done to it but it's lovely.  The blue speckled fabric keeps me so warm and it's pretty.  I found this coat two years ago and loved it.  Luckily it's starting to come back in style again (not that that stopped me from wearing it).  There are several places you can find this style coat.  Here are just a few places; TopshopASOSSheinsideZara, and even a few at Forever 21.  Ah yes, and I re-ombred my hair.  It turned out much more noticeable this time.  


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Floral Tapestry Dress

4:24:00 PM Andrea Ryan 2 Comments

Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Vintage
Boots: Forever 21
Speckled Tights: Vera Wang
Purse: Vintage
Bracelet: Lauren Conrad

          A few months ago I went shopping in Chicago and was overjoyed with finding this dress.  I have always loved tapestry fabric.  It feel very luxurious.  When I was in early High School I inherited some tapestry fabric and used it to make a vest.  I wore it all the time.  I know a lot of people see it and just think "that looks like a couch," but really it's just another type of fabric.  I find it exciting when designers use unexpected fabrics to create not-so-typical styles.  Just because couches are made of tapestry fabric doesn't mean it can't be used for other things.  Same with curtains and lace.  I just don't get it.  I got this at Forever 21.  I don't think they still have it, but I did find this similar dress.  I think the bodice portion is made of the same fabric.  Also, I have to bring up my purse.  It's also tapestry fabric and it's beautiful.  I found it while thrift shopping a few years ago.  What are your thoughts on tapestry fabric used in other ways?


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