Black on White, and White on Black

10:41:00 PM Andrea Ryan 8 Comments

Top: Charolette Ronson 
Jeans: Forever 21
Coat: Forever 21
Boots: Steve Madden
Purse: Apt. 9
Necklace: Made myself (similar for sale on my Etsy shot)

          Today was a non-typically amazing day.  Spur-of-the-moment, I went to Chicago to shop.  I wore this top by Charolette Ronson, for I <3 Ronson.  What I find most interesting about it is the subtle pattern.  The colors on the top and sleeves switch places.  I can't quite put that into words any better than I did, just look closely.  While shopping, I remembered this little courtyard of this church-type-place.  I love old extravagant buildings and fancy courtyards.  

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  1. Loving the style of your blog! Thanks for visiting mine, and yes of course I would love to follow each other. I will follow you on G+,and Lookbook now. Love getting to know fellow bloggers!

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  2. Love the look so chic! The blouse's print is great ♥

    Of course we can follow each other, let me know when you are ♥

  3. Hi! It's funny that there is a brand name on your country which is Apt. 9 and we got Apt. 8 here in the Philippines :)) about the big photos, its easy! First, go to Microsoft Office Picture Manager then pick a pic and compressed it to 'Document size'. When you upload it to blogger, after attaching every pic, click Original size. And that's it! Let me know if you get it or not. And btw, I'm following you now =))

  4. Hi dear :) Thank you for your comment :) of course we can follow :) I've already started and now is your turn :)

    great outfit <3


  5. I adore this outfit!
    I love your top! :) xx


  6. Following you now, hope you can too:) xx



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