Easter Weekend

5:14:00 PM Andrea Ryan 4 Comments

Dress: Topshop
Boots: Forever 21
Headband: Made myself
Rings: Forever 21

      This is what I wore on Easter this year, my high-low dress from Topshop.  I think high-low dresses always need to be paired with some sort of heel.  They don't look right with anything else.  I think most people agree on this.  I wore my heeled combat boots from Forever 21.  I know it's kind of hard to tell in these pictures, sorry.  I was in a rush and didn't have much time to do this post.  Easter is normally a very busy holiday for me.  I always have to go to church and my Grandma's house.  This year I also went kayaking at the beach, to visit my Great-Grandma in the nursing home, and to my boyfriend's house.  Plus, I had to finish sewing my sister's prom dress.  It was a very busy but pleasant weekend.  

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  1. Love that bunny ring! :)


  2. Very cool outfit
    and very nice pics too
    great job


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