Another Birthday

10:48:00 AM Andrea Ryan 2 Comments

Dress: Marchesa Pearl
Cardigan: Forever 21
Sandals: Go Jane
Purse: Expressions NYC
Rings: all Forever 21

          So, my birthday is today.  I don't really get excited about birthdays anymore because at this point, I don't want to get older.  In fact, I'm about 100% against getting older because it terrifies me.  I do still celebrate them though because if you are forced to get older, then you might as well celebrate.  
          I have been saving this dress to wear on my birthday for quite some time.  I got it on sale a while ago and thought it would be appropriate.  It's by Marchesa, the Pearl collection.  It may look like a normal skater style dress but it has much more volume.  It's very light and has a lot of movement.  It's basically the perfect spinning dress.  I got the cardigan more recently from Forever 21.  It's amazingly comfortable and warm.  It's still available Here and similar ones are Here.  

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  1. Lovely outfit, you look beautiful :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks !

    Camille xo

  2. You look beautiful and lovely outfit..
    Discovered your blog through blog hop.
    Interested in following each other on GFC?

    please do let me know by following that I can follow you back :)


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