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Three Floor

9:37:00 AM Andrea Ryan 3 Comments

 Dress: Three Floor via ASOS
Sandals: Alloy
Bracelet: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21

          I bought this dress a while ago with no clue where I was going to wear it.  When I booked my cruise, I knew that it would be perfect for their more formal dining nights.  This is the first piece by Three Floor I have owned.  I am absolutely in love with the intricacy of it.  It is honestly my favorite dress and I can't wait to buy more.  There are just so many amazing aspects of it.  The style is very unique and amazing.  I love the color and the fabric.  There are two sheer lace panels down the front that are trimmed with leather, which is super cool.  The structure is also incredible.  I highly recommend this label, but just to warn you the sizes run small.  Sorry about the poor quality of these images.  My camera doesn't do well indoors.  

Plus Size Prom Dresses

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  1. such a beautiful dress! I love asos and want to check it out now! you look gorgeous in it! xx
    - Andrea

  2. I totally love your dress! It doesn't surprise me where you get them., I have purchased my cute maternity dress in ASOS as well when I was still pregnant. They have huge collection of dresses that I found really cute! :) I love the details of your dress and the sexy back! nice pick darlin'!

  3. Beautiful dress, you look pretty. Following you now, pls do the same


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