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Valentines Day Fashion Show

3:12:00 PM Andrea Ryan 1 Comments

          I decided to post a few pics from the fashion show that I went to on Valentines Day.  It was a fundraiser for breast cancer.  There were several Chicago Fashion Designers participating.  I went to help out for Anastasia Chatzka.  It was my last day as a fashion design intern for her.  If you don't know who she is, you should check her out, here!  She makes some really beautiful pieces.  I didn't get to actually watch the show, but I did get a few pictures.  Not all of these outfits are Anastasia.  Sorry for the poor quality and odd angle.

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  1. Oh so lovely! Thanks so much for sharing, wishing you a happy Sunday! <3

    xo, Nicole

    Evolution of Glam


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