Forest Green

3:25:00 PM Andrea Ryan 3 Comments

Sweater and Skirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21 too -_-
Boots: Pink & Pepper

          This sweater reminds me of a pine tree, but in a good way.  I think the texture is really cool and I like that the color is unusual.  It's not very often that you come across this combination of teal and forest green.  It's also incredibly warm, as you can tell.  No coat needed! I'd have to say the only bad thing about it is that it kind of makes me feel bulky/fat.  This is my last blog post before my trip to the South and Southwest, so look out for posts from that coming soon.  Also, I came up with a name for my label that I am pretty excited about.  I will post it when I get back.  

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  1. Lovely post! Your outfit looks beautiful!

    Gina xx

  2. amazing blog, if u wanna follow each other via GFC plz let me know

  3. Нравятся ваши очки! Очень стильно


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