Endless Summer Tour

9:21:00 AM Andrea Ryan 1 Comments

Floral Crown: H&M

          I just wanted to do a quick post about Lana Del Rey's Endless Summer Tour.  I went to the Chicago (Tinley Park) show.  The weather was awful and the venue is half outdoors.  It consisted of sitting outside in the rain for hours.  It was also about 45 degrees!  Chicago weather in May is totally unpredictable.  Near the end, I literally started to get hypothermia.  I had been planning my outfit for months, even bought two new dresses.  I ended up having to ditch all of that and just dress as warm as I possibly could.  I still wore my floral crown though because I bought it specifically for this show and it could fit under my hood.  I know a lot of people really hate floral crowns but I think they are pretty.  This was one of the only opportunities I think I would have to wear one again.  It was an amazing show though.  Grimes opened for her, whom I love.  I was glad to see that it wasn't Courtney Love.  If you have tickets to this tour, it's going to be amazing!


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Some Souvenirs

4:02:00 PM Andrea Ryan 11 Comments

Top: Souvenir from Cozumel, Mexico
Shorts: Forever 21
Wooden Purse: Souvenir from Honduras
Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson
Sandals: Kohl's
Bracelets: Forever 21, DIY, and Lauren Conrad

          Now that it's warm out (practically summer) I can finally wear my top from Mexico.  If you remember, I went there in January.  You can check out blog posts from that trip in my January archive.  I have always loved that colorful embroidery style that is traditional in Mexico.  I was really excited to get a shirt from there that was made by locals.  I don't really know what it is exactly that is appealing about embroidery.  I think it just feels kind of exotic.  This purse is also from the same trip, but from Honduras.  I think it's super unique because it's made out of wood.  The only thing that bugs me about it is that the strap is kind of short.  I could always replace it or just use it for special occasions.


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A Day Downtown

9:21:00 AM Andrea Ryan 2 Comments

Dress: Rolla Coster (altered)
Sandals: Target
Bucket Bag: H&M
Sunglasses: River Island
Jewelry: H&M and Forever 21

          Saturday I spend the day in Chicago with my boyfriend.  We went to the Randolph Street Market.  It's this huge outdoor and indoor market with vendors that sell antiques, clothing, food, and crafts.  It was really fun and I'd like to sell some of my things there (ETSY).  After that, we went to an amazing Thai restaurant in Wrigleyville.  It's so hard to find good Thai food near my house.  It's one of my favorite types of food so it's really annoying.  Then we went to the zoo and the beach.  It was basically a perfect day!  I wore this dress that I recently bought from T.J.Maxx.  I haven't worn it yet though and It really need to be shortened.  It's too long and kind of swallows me.  I will have to fix it before I wear it again.  


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Goose Sweater

6:41:00 PM Andrea Ryan 5 Comments

Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Forever 21
Purse: Dooney & Bourke
Slip-ons: Target
Necklace: H&M
Headband: DIY

          I just bought this sweater in the sale section at H&M, thinking it would be good for next Fall.  I have worn it three times already because it has been so cold here.  I always have a shortage of sweaters because they are expensive and time consuming to wash.  It seems like they are always just dirty when I need to wear one.  Anyway, this one was only $7!  I like to buy things during the wrong season so I don't have to completely stock up on full price items when that season comes around.  I'm sure a lot of people do this though.  It feel's kind of 70's because of the colors.  I know the 70's trend is back, but I'm really not much of a fan of that decade's style.  I really dislike most of the fashion from the 70's.  This is pretty much as close as I want to get.


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A Specific Pink

2:20:00 PM Andrea Ryan 3 Comments

Top: Forever 21 (old)
Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: GoJane
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Bracelets: ASOS & Marc by Marc Jacobs

          I think I have said before that this specific pink and dusty rose pink are the only colors of pink that I really like.  This outfit started with the necklace.  I knew I wanted to wear this stringy top and necklace together.  The way I pictured the outfit was with this exact color of skirt.  I was scouring every website and store for this pink skirt for the longest time.  I even made a pink skirt.   It didn't quite turn out right, because of the fabric I chose.  The other day at Forever 21 I found this simple skirt.  It was really inexpensive and I bought it without even realizing that it was what I needed to complete this outfit.  I got home and noticed that I accidentally bought the skirt that I had been looking for, for about a year.  I was really happy and knew I wanted to blog about it right away.  


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Beach Towel Season

8:19:00 PM Andrea Ryan 3 Comments

          Being the devoted beach-goer that I am, I am always looking for a stylish beach towel. Trust me, they can be hard to find.  It seem like up until very recently, designers hadn't put any thought into making a cool towel.  They were all polka dots and tacky patterns.   Because of this I always keep my eye out for really unique towels.  I grew up going to the beach several days per week in the summer, so I always need one.  They have become one of my favorite summer accessories, along with sunglasses.  Even though I don't need a new towel this year (got one last summer), I thought I would pick out some of my favorites.  Maybe some of you are looking for a new one.

Take Me to the Beach


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