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Shorts: Forever 21
T-shirt: Key West souvenir shop 
Sandals: Target
Bucket Bag: H&M
Sunglasses: River Island
Bracelets: Daisy: DIY, Purple: H&M, Fruit Charms: Lauren Conrad, Wonderlust: Blossom Brigade

          Today I basically spent the whole day at the beach, two different beaches.  I went in the morning and came home for a late lunch, then decided I needed to go back.  It was just that nice out!  I wore this t-shirt that I got from a souvenir shop in Key West, in January.  I think it's a little boy's size shirt but it doesn't matter because I'm small.   I cropped it myself because I wanted it to be wearable.  I just like it because of the simple design.  It feels kind of retro with the style and embroidery.  I feel like it's always hard to find a souvenir shirt that I will actually wear as something more than a sleep shirt.  

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  1. Sure we can follow each other ! I'm already following you, your turn dear.

  2. Great look!)

  3. Cool look..
    Love the short's..

    I'm already following you..

    XO, Sweet Home | BLOG

  4. Loving these images hun and the cute little shorts!

    Hope you'll take the time to check out my blog and let me know what you think! ;)

    Helen xx


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