Beach Towel Season

8:19:00 PM Andrea Ryan 3 Comments

          Being the devoted beach-goer that I am, I am always looking for a stylish beach towel. Trust me, they can be hard to find.  It seem like up until very recently, designers hadn't put any thought into making a cool towel.  They were all polka dots and tacky patterns.   Because of this I always keep my eye out for really unique towels.  I grew up going to the beach several days per week in the summer, so I always need one.  They have become one of my favorite summer accessories, along with sunglasses.  Even though I don't need a new towel this year (got one last summer), I thought I would pick out some of my favorites.  Maybe some of you are looking for a new one.

Take Me to the Beach

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  1. I love getting really out there and different towels to the standard ones everyone has! Totally in love with the whale on though! Great post xx


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