Sperry X Gray Malin

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Boat shoes: Sperry X Gray Malin
Top: Topshop
Shorts: Target
Sunglasses: ZeroUV

  I became a fan of Gray Malin's photography somewhat recently.  I just feel like his work is simple and beautiful, but fully encompasses everything I stand for.  I love that he takes so many bright and colorful pictures of beaches all over the world.  His photos are really fun too.  I also love that many of them are from an aerial perspective.  It's just refreshing.  Someday, I will own some of his prints.  Until I can afford them, I will wear these.  Sperry partnered with Gray Malin to design a couple pairs of shoes.  These are my favorite because they have the aerial perspective of people at the beach, but they are also the typical boat shoe.  The reason I love Sperry isn't for the same reason as many other people.  I know they have that preppy, trendy stereotype.  However, I actually use them on my boat.  They are great for boating and keep you from slipping around.  This is what boat shoes are meant for.  I grew up with a boat and my family has alway had one, so for me boat shoes mean something other than "cute shoes."  
          I wanted to blog these while on my boat but the weather is getting colder.  I don't know if I will be able to go on my boat again this summer, so I am talking about them now.  I just wanted to wear something simple with these shoes.  I wanted the shoes to stand out.  I stopped by the beach a few days ago and hiked a short trail by the marsh.
          I also decided that I will be linking many more pages to my blog of whatever I am talking about.  If something I'm wearing is still for sale, I will link it.  However, usually by the time I get around to blogging about something it is no longer for sale.  That's why I never bothered before. 

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  1. amazing shoes !! :)
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  2. Beautiful pictures and stunning shoes!

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  3. I love your shoes! Such beautiful photos!

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  4. Amazing shoes kiss

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  5. So cool shoes!!!
    Great photos!

  6. Aaaa I like your shoes! And also your blog!

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  7. lovely shoes
    this is a lovely post

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