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Satin and Lace Top

5:30:00 PM Andrea Ryan 12 Comments

Jeans: Forever 21
Boots: Kohl's 
Sunglasses: Zero UV

          Hey guys! I just wanted to talk about this top.  It's Blossom Brigade, my label.  I designed it and love it.  I have one for sale in size Small.  I would honestly love to keep it, but I can't keep everything I design.  I just think it's really pretty.  It's made with grey jersey, satin, and lace.  It's cool because it's like a t-shirt, but a super elaborate t-shrit.  I also like that you can wear it for a dressy occasion or casual, and it's really comfortable.  You can buy it at my Etsy shop here: Blossom Brigade.
          I also wanted to add that the weather has been really nice where I live.  I got to go on my boat one last time for the season on Sunday.  The beach was actually surprisingly warm.  I love taking advantage of those random warm days because soon we won't have any.  These pictures were later on that day, at a different beach.

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  1. What a beautiful outfit! You are gorgeous!
    Thank you very much for your comment, I'd love to support each other - I now follow you on GFC, could you follow me back?
    Hugs & Kisses

  2. Such pretty photos !

  3. This is a gorgeous top, you are very talented

    Lauren x |

  4. I really love your choices and style!
    Looks great and is affordable too!

  5. Very nice!!thanks for your visit,now i follow you on gfc and bloglovin i hope you follow me too!kiss

  6. Such stunning photos!

  7. Hi! Sorry to comment again ~ I love your blog. I've done some touring and your shop looks gorgeous, and your blog is gorgeous! So I followed! :) Sorry

    I really love the first photo, and the fourth! You made great use of the lighting!

    1. No need to say sorry! Thanks for the nice comments! Thanks for the follow too!

  8. I love the top you designed, so original and fashion forward...and you look great wearing it.


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