My Halloween Costume

6:41:00 PM Andrea Ryan 6 Comments

Dress: ASOS
Flamingo Hat: Target
Boots: Go Jane

           This year for Halloween I was a flamingo.  I found this dress at ASOS and knew I had to buy it for something.  I decided to use it for my Halloween costume when I remembered the flamingo hat that I already had.  Although, actually ended up buying a new flamingo hat when my boyfriend decided he wanted to be a flamingo too.  I have always loved flamingos.  They are my favorite type of bird.  I know that's kind of a strange costume but I feel like this year, more than ever, people have been dressing up as really strange things.  I saw so many random costumes this year!  We went to Chicago, to a few bars.  One of the bars (Celeste) had an Alice in Wonderland themed party.  The other one was just a club-type bar.  Overall, it was a really fun Halloween.  

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  1. I love this, such an original outfit

    Lauren x |

  2. Great costume! You look cute:D

  3. You look so cool ! It's such an original costume ! I just love it !

  4. What a fun halloween costume! You look great!

    xoxo Emily


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