Banggood Winter Wishlist

2:10:00 PM Andrea Ryan 5 Comments

          Since winter is on it's way, it's almost time to start dressing warmer.  I have chosen some of      my favorite winter clothing items from  I can't stand being cold when the weather chills down, so I am always on the hunt for new sweaters and coats.  I like all of these because they are different from things you would find in other stores.  I like how colorful and unique they are.  They are also very affordable.  You can find all of these HERE.  I have also linked each individual item so you can easily shop them.  

Long Winter Coat
Cropped Sweatshirt

Tassel Pullover

Jacquard Sweater

Cardigan Sweater
Plaid Coat

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  1. Love the color of that coat!!

  2. The first coat is divine! I need it in my life!


  3. The blue winter coat is so gorgeous

    Lauren x |


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