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La Jolla Cove

11:31:00 PM Andrea Ryan 2 Comments

          One of my favorite locations on this trip was La Jolla Cove.  It's a little cove-style beach tucked away in the rocky cliffs.  I can't remember if I came here last time I was in La Jolla.  I feel like I would remember this place though because I loved it so much.  There were tons of seals sleeping all over the rocks and even a few on the beach.  Two of those seals on the beach were babies.  They were so adorable!  The water was also a really pretty blue color, as you can tell.  The pictures don't even capture how pretty this place is.  
          I decided to wear this dressy t-shirt from H&M.  I got it this past Fall.  I could't find it online to link but it may still be in store.  I feel like it looks kind of nautical, so it was appropriate to wear on the day we went to several beaches.  You can't see the pattern too well in these pictures.  The next blog post will have a close-up.  

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