Icy Blue Coat

1:19:00 PM Andrea Ryan 5 Comments

Coat: Forever 21  |  Head Wrap: Target  |  Dress: One Clothing  |  Purse: H&M (similar)  |  Boots: Forever 21  |  Fur Poof: H&M
          I've been lusting for this coat for a very long time.  Recently I found it on sale at Forever 21.  Not only is it an incredibly pretty color, but it's also really thick and warm.  It's $30 online, but only $15 in store.  It snowed a few days ago, so I am finally able to wear my furry head wrap that I got for Christmas.  I love the way these look but this one is a little bit too furry.  I really want one that has a thinner, and softer furry texture.  I haven't found one yet, so until then this one will do.  

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  1. Great pictures, have a good day


  2. love the photos and coat!


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