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Brocade Floral Skirt

10:16:00 PM Andrea Ryan 9 Comments

Turtleneck: Derek Heart  |  Skirt: Blossom Brigade (PURCHASE HERE)  |  Shoes: Report
          This skirt is a new addition to my Etsy Shop, Blossom Brigade.  I haven't made any new clothing items in a while but I am planning on making a lot more.  I am in love with the design on this brocade fabric.  I designed the skirt to be A-lined, but have a bit of a more narrow fit.  It's really great for casual and dressy days.  You can buy this skirt in my shop.  I have three available, one small, one medium, and one large.  I regret not making one for myself.  

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  1. I love your skirt the print is so pretty! Your shoes are awesome as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. wow love the design on the skirt ! very pretty outfit x

  3. love the print on your skirt!

  4. Love the skirt, it is so quirky

    Lauren x |

  5. i absolutely love your skirt dear..

  6. One word for this skirt: perfection!
    I love your style and your blog.
    Visit mine if you want
    many kisses

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