St. Patrick's Day in Chicago

7:52:00 PM Andrea Ryan 6 Comments

Blouse: Lauren Conrad  |  Leather Front Leggings: H&M  |  Jacket: New Look  |  Boots: Steve Madden  |  Purse: New Look
          To celebrate Saint Patrick's Day this year, I went to Chicago for the parade and dying of the Chicago River.  The celebration is the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day.  I have never been before, even though I live really close to Chicago.  I wanted to see it at least once before I move away.  I've seen the green river a few days afterwords a couple of times, but I've never seen it this bright.  I am  surprised by how bright they can get it.  I don't usually even celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.  I am about 1/4 Irish, though.  I wanted to wear green but not in an obnoxious, tacky way.  I chose to wear this blouse by Lauren Conrad.  It's the mint green color of a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds.  

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  1. Wow! I had no idea the river was green lol. It's such a bright green, too.

    Your outfit is super cute :)

    xo Azu

    1. Yeah, they just dye if for the holiday. I didn't know if was so bright either!

  2. First thing I thought when I saw the river, 'Woah, the river must be super drunk.' Hahahahaha

    Love your outfit, it's definitely not tacky! In fact, it's gorgeous <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  3. Beautiful viev!!!! would you like to follow each other via GFC?? let me know and I follow you back :)

  4. Wow, beautiful photos!!


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