My New Puppy

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Pants: Zara  |  Top: T.J. Maxx  |  Shoes: Topshop  |  Necklace: Forever 21
          A few weeks ago my family got our new puppy, Skipper.  I don't really know what to say about him except that he is adorable (obviously).  He is 10 weeks old, and a Golden Retriever.  I've been having a lot of fun playing with him and taking him to the beach.  He is super playful and does really funny things.  He is really clumsy and is always falling and running into stuff.  He hasn't really learned how to act like a dog yet.  I kind of just wanted to take some pictures with him so that I can remember how tiny he was when he is full grown.  
          I got these pants from Zara a while ago.  I thought they would be perfect for Spring, which they are.  They are a little bit too big, but I can alter them.  I feel like they go really well with this mock neck, cropped tank.  I wanted this top to be a new staple in my wardrobe but Skipper already put some snags in this top with his claws.  I'm pretty sad about it because I haven't even worn this shirt more than once.  It's alright though.  I think I can still wear it.  Maybe nobody will notice.  

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  1. love your floral pants, and congrats on your new puppy! so adorable!

  2. Cute puppy :)

  3. Oooooh he is so lovely, I adore him!! :)

  4. Aww! He is so cute! Love your outfit <3

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  5. Great post,I love this outfit! Amaizinh photos!
    If you want that we follow each other,let me know :)
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  6. They don't look too big! Those pants look lovely! Love the design of them! Skipper is so cute!!!


  7. OH MY it's such a cutie!!! Wish you the best of luck with your new family member!



  8. Oh my goodness! I'm in love, his the cutest puppy! You look very chic in this casual outfit!



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