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9:55:00 AM Andrea Ryan 6 Comments

I'm taking a short break from vacation posts to create this wishlist from Zaful.  I love all of these items because they are cute, trendy, and still unique.  I love how all of these pieces feel so modern.   1.  The cut of the first dress is so interesting.  The extra volume in the hem and sleeves makes it look so coo.  2.  These sunglasses are obviously just amazing.  The cut is something that is totally different from anything I own.  3.  I always love a good palm print item.  4.  These shorts just look like the perfect pair of high-waisted jeans.  5.  This necklace is so pretty and very on trend right now.  I always love anything with a star on it.  6.  This top look so cool and laid back.  I think it would be really cute to wear to a casual occasion with some jean shorts.  7.  This purse is not something I would normally like but I fell in love with how structured and nice it looks.  The colors are so pretty together, and the cat charm is adorable.  Check these items out on!

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  2. Zaful is an awesome site, I have their bikins and they are perf :)

    If you want, we can follow each other. Let me know on my blog.
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  3. Nice post. love the shorts and cute purse. Buy Ladies Designer Purses Online in the UK from with the free shipping on the orders over £10

  4. Beautiful post my dear! NEW POST

  5. Your blog is fabulous and I am following you!
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    All the best, Mimi

  6. Great choice dear!!


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