Holiday Caseapp Case + Giveaway

5:07:00 PM Andrea Ryan 9 Comments

TOP: Marshall's 

          This adorable phone case was designed by me via Caseapp! Caseapp is a website that lets you design your own phone case or laptop skin.  You can upload any of your own images or use their background colors, fonts, and pictures.  There are literally limitless options.  They also have a large variety of predesigned options to choose from.  If you have always wanted something specific on your case but couldn't find it, now is the time to get it.  You can use my coupon code for 20% off: THEFANCYFASHIONCASTLEXMAS20.

          Custom phone cases would make awesome Christmas gifts too.  I think it would be really fun to give to somebody.  You could put a photograph of something they love or write one of their favorite quotes.  I have so many ideas in my head of what I would design for people I know.  There is nothing quite like receiving a custom gift.  In order to receive your case in time for Christmas you have to order before December 14th.

          For my case I decided to make a cute Christmas one.  I have been wanting a case for the holidays just because I think it's fun to switch them up for the season.  I drew this one myself on a piece of paper and colored it with Copic markers.  Next I took a picture of it, edited it, and uploaded it onto  It's super easy to make a custom case.  The website is very straightforward.  You can even just go on the website and experiment with different things before you settle on something.

GIVEAWAY: Comment below what kind of case you would make and your e-mail address to contact you.  The last day to enter is December 9th (11:59 CT).  The winner will be randomly selected and win 1 item from Caseapp worth a $40 value.  


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Corduroy Jumper Dress

3:58:00 PM Andrea Ryan 5 Comments

TOP: Meijer
BOOTS: Steve Madden
TIGHTS: Fleece lined from Walgreens

          I love this jumper dress so much! It's made from floral corduroy fabric.  I paired it with this basic black turtle neck.  I just think it's super cute and perfect for autumn.  I decided to wear it on Thanksgiving this year.  We went to my grandma's house for dinner and a quick hike at our nearest state park.  Thanksgiving this year was pretty much the same as every other year for me.  I am thankful for a lot of things in my life, including my blog followers.  My blog has become one of my favorite hobbies and I am so glad I decided to start and stick with it when I did.  I'm also really thankful for my boyfriend and all the adventures we have together! What are you guys thankful for?

Also, I want to talk about a company I am working with.  It's called Wanderer Bracelets.  They sell bracelets that are handmade in Bali.  They are super cool and the people that make them get fair wages.  Check out their website and story:
I have a coupon you can use for 20% off: ANDREARYAN20
I will be going more depth into Wanderer Bracelets in an upcoming blog post.  


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Off the Shoulder Gingham

9:22:00 PM Andrea Ryan 8 Comments

TOP: Dresslily (similar) - SKIRT: Forever 21 - BACKPACK: Dresslily - SHOES: Wanted  
CHOKER: Dresslily - TIGHTS: Vera Wang - EARRINGS: Shop Miss A
          Ever since I first saw the "off the shoulder" trend popping up, I loved it.  The first blogger I saw in this lovely style was Jessica Stein from Tuula Vintage (my second favorite blogger).  I finally got a chance to get a top from Dresslily and try it out for myself.  I do have an off the shoulder top that is a variety of the trend, it has straps and ruffles as sleeves.  It's just not the same.  I love how this style looks.  It's not the most comfortable because the sleeves pop up every time you raise your arms but it's still very enchanting.  Also from Dresslily, I paired it with this velvet choker and mini backpack.  I also love the back pack trend too.  This one is so pretty.  Happy Thanksgiving to all! ūüėĄ  My next post will be about my holiday and what I wore.  


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Colors of Autumn

6:28:00 PM Andrea Ryan 5 Comments

DRESS: Forever 21 | CARDIGAN: Forever 21 | BOOTS: Steve Madden | TIGHTS: Fleece Lined from Walgreens | SCARF: Walmart | NECKLACE: Target | PURSE: H&M (similar)
          We are coming into Thanksgiving week and I'm pretty excited about it.  I think this is probably the outfit I will wear to my Grandma's house.  ūüėÉ  Also, I just noticed that Blogger got emojis.  When did this happen? ✫⭐✫ Anyway, today I am wearing this velvet dress.  It's perfect for layering for this time of year because it's sleeveless.  Velvet is also my favorite fabric for fall and winter.  I first saw this dress on the website and went to the store to buy it.  They didn't have the color I really wanted so I ended up getting the green.  I think the green is really nice for autumn because it matches the other colors in common autumn attire.  I'm wearing it with this burnt orange cardigan.  It looks red in the pictures, but it's not.   This purple one is the one I originally fell in love with.  I thought about wearing this dress on Thanksgiving but now I have something else in mind.  I will post that outfit later this week.  


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My FashionMia Picks

4:13:00 PM Andrea Ryan 1 Comments

Red Dress
Glitter Dress
Hooded Coat
Light Blue Coat

Pink Coat

          I am sharing some of my favorite items from FashionMia.  These are both dresses and coats.  They are both perfect for this time of year because we are getting into colder weather, when you need a coat.  You can check out their selection of women's coats.  We are also nearing the holiday season, which is where the dresses come in.  FashionMia has 65 pages of women's dresses to choose from.  If you are on a tight budget but just want something new these are perfect.  
         Since they have such a large selection of women's coats, I had trouble choosing my favorites.  I tend to select colorful coats that have a classy element to them.  I feel like these just look attractive because they are pretty simple, but also special.  They also look very warm.  I'm from the Midwest, so warmth is important!  The dresses that I chose are perfect for Christmas or New Year's Eve.  I love the silhouette of both of them.  I think I prefer the red one a bit more because the style is perfect.   


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Intricate Blouse

8:45:00 PM Andrea Ryan 14 Comments

JEANS: Blue Spice | TOP: Who What Wear from Target (in store, sale) | SHOES: Stuart Weitzman (sold out) | PURSE: H&M | PINK POOF: H&M  | BLUE POOF: Target (dollar spot)
          When I found this top at Target I knew I had to have it.  The first time I saw it was at a Target near me, but it was several sizes too big.  It was also the only one they had.  I Thought it was so pretty, and it stayed in my mind.  A couple weeks later I stumbled upon this one (that is in my size) at another Target store.  It was such a fortunate find.  It's by the brand Who What Wear and was on sale for somewhere around $12.  Since it is a little bit long on me I decided to tuck it in to my high wasted black jeans.  I just like the way blouses look when they are tucked into high wasted bottoms.  It looks so much more chic to me.  


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Zaful Giveaway: $100 Gift Card

6:36:00 PM Andrea Ryan 32 Comments

 I have a really exciting post to share with you guys.  You can win a Zaful coupon to use at their site.  10 lucky winners will win a $100 gift card.  All you have to do is go to their site (just click on the picture above).  Choose your favorite product and comment with the product link down below.  You can include your e-mail for an extra chance to win.  

Contest Ends November 31st!


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Ice Cream and Pom Poms

10:06:00 AM Andrea Ryan 7 Comments

SWEATSHIRT:   SKIRT: Forever 21   SHOES: Payless   PURSE: Forever 21 SUNGLASSES:Zero UV   EARRINGS: Topshop (similar)
          I got this sweatshirt about a month ago.  I thought the furry ice-cream scoops were so adorable, I just couldn't resist.  I am totally into the furry pompom trend right now and this just reminds me of those.  Also, I love ice-cream.  This top was super inexpensive and I just though it would be fun to own, even if I don't wear it too often.  I decided to wear it with my pink skirt because it was a particularly warm day.  I feel like all of these accessories just go really well with this outfit.  The only annoying thing about this top is that the pompoms are kind of heavy and pull the shirt down in the front.


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Unique Bags by Style We

9:14:00 AM Andrea Ryan 9 Comments

Multicolor Casual Small Backpack

Mini Evening Clutch

Purple Leather Backpack
Rivet Mini Coin Case
Navy Blue Sweet Crossbody
White Leather Zipper Backpack
Green Casual Satchel
Magnetic Color Block Geometric Clutch

         Here are some of my favorite bags from StyleWe.  There are so many pages of amazing purses for women. What I really love about all of these is just how unique they are.  It's hard to find a bag that you can't just find anywhere.  I think the green one with the beetle is my favorite.  It's just so cute.  Each bag has so much character.  Some of them also come in a variety of colors.  I've always been a huge fan of embellishment and color.  That's why I find these bags so appealing.  You can keep up with StyleWe on social media here: Instagram & Twitter.


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