Ice Cream and Pom Poms

10:06:00 AM Andrea Ryan 7 Comments

SWEATSHIRT:   SKIRT: Forever 21   SHOES: Payless   PURSE: Forever 21 SUNGLASSES:Zero UV   EARRINGS: Topshop (similar)
          I got this sweatshirt about a month ago.  I thought the furry ice-cream scoops were so adorable, I just couldn't resist.  I am totally into the furry pompom trend right now and this just reminds me of those.  Also, I love ice-cream.  This top was super inexpensive and I just though it would be fun to own, even if I don't wear it too often.  I decided to wear it with my pink skirt because it was a particularly warm day.  I feel like all of these accessories just go really well with this outfit.  The only annoying thing about this top is that the pompoms are kind of heavy and pull the shirt down in the front.

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