Off the Shoulder Gingham

9:22:00 PM Andrea Ryan 8 Comments

TOP: Dresslily (similar) - SKIRT: Forever 21 - BACKPACK: Dresslily - SHOES: Wanted  
CHOKER: Dresslily - TIGHTS: Vera Wang - EARRINGS: Shop Miss A
          Ever since I first saw the "off the shoulder" trend popping up, I loved it.  The first blogger I saw in this lovely style was Jessica Stein from Tuula Vintage (my second favorite blogger).  I finally got a chance to get a top from Dresslily and try it out for myself.  I do have an off the shoulder top that is a variety of the trend, it has straps and ruffles as sleeves.  It's just not the same.  I love how this style looks.  It's not the most comfortable because the sleeves pop up every time you raise your arms but it's still very enchanting.  Also from Dresslily, I paired it with this velvet choker and mini backpack.  I also love the back pack trend too.  This one is so pretty.  Happy Thanksgiving to all! 😄  My next post will be about my holiday and what I wore.  

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