Blue Velvet

3:53:00 PM Andrea Ryan 6 Comments

DRESS: Zaful
BOOTS: Go Jane
PURSE: Forever 21
RING: H&M (from my advent calendar)

          Velvet has always been one of my favorite fabrics.  It's shiny, luxurious, and soft.  It's just so pretty!  Velvet in the winter is like floral in the summer, it's always in style.  This dress is from Zaful. I love it not only because it's velvet, but the color is also beautiful.  It's kind of hard to tell the exact color in these pictures, but it's very unusual.  It's not quite navy or cobalt.  It's a big greener.  I styled it by tying this lace ribbon around my neck, and wearing some tights and booties.  This ring was in my advent calendar, from H&M.  Check out Zaful on Instagram.  

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  3. you are looking very beautiful..

  4. Beautiful outfit!!


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