Satin Bomber Jacket

8:08:00 PM Andrea Ryan 5 Comments

SWEATER: Forever 21
JEANS: Blue Spice
BOOTS: Steve Madden
RING: Zaful
PURSE: Expressions NYC

          Hey guys! Happy Friday and Happy December.  Fall is pretty much over and the holiday season is in full swing but we had a random nice day and I wanted to wear this new bomber jacket.  First off, I absolutely love the color scheme and the embroidery.  I feel like the colors are just so unusual but go really well together.  It also matches my purse perfectly.  I think I ordered a size too big though because it is too oversized.  I may have to alter it.  I just paired it with this blue ombre sweater that I have had for a while and some jeans.  I am also wearing these two pieces of jewelry from Zaful.  I love them both so much.  The ring is super sparkly and surprisingly feels like good quality.  The choker is just so pretty.  I am a sucker for ornate things.  You can checkout Zaful on Instagram.

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  1. Very cute jacketa with embroidered flowers.
    Xoxo and a happy weekend.

  2. beautiful jacket.. I like you ring.. it's awesome..

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