Nip + Fab and Rodial Review*

2:23:00 PM Andrea Ryan 7 Comments

          Hey guys! ūüĎč This next post is a product review.  I was sent a few items to review from Nip + Fab and Rodial, so I am going to quickly do that for you.  
-I will start with the Rodial product which is the Smokey Eye Pen.  First off, I'm not an expert at makeup but I can get by.  I really love this product because it's very smooth and dark.  You can use it as sort of an eye shadow or eyeliner.  It's really easy to use and stays on all day.  It's a regular pencil but that makes it easy to apply because you can decide exactly where you want it to go instead of using a brush.  
-The Glycolic Daily Cleansing Pads were really nice.  They do a nice job of cleansing your face and really get off all of the grime.  The leave your skin with a nice glow.  The only thing I would add is that there is a lot of liquid, so they are a little too wet for my liking.  I think they work just as they should though.  
-The Cellulite Fix gel honestly seemed like it helped after one use.  I feel like I could tell the a real difference after just a few applications.  I don't really have a lot of cellulite thought, so it is hard to know if this product will be right for you.  I did read some other reviews and they all say good things.  
-The Viper Venim Micro Blur Fix is amazing.  You can actually feel it tightening you face and closing your pores.  It leaves you with very smooth looking skin.  I don't use it too often because I don't really feel like I need it because my pores are already pretty small.  It does actually work though.  
-The Nip + Fab Bust Fix seem to work somewhat.  I did only try it two times and decided I don't really want a fuller looking chest.  It's meant to make your chest look tighter and perkier.  I also read a lot of other reviews on this product and found that it seems to work well if you use it for a while every day.  I was too scared to give it a full length try. 


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Two-Piece Dresses from StyleWe*

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Black Elegant Dress
White Two Piece Dress
Pink Turtleneck Set
White Frill Sleeve Dress
Pleated Two Piece Dress

          Dresses have long been one of my favorite clothing items.  There is just something extra special about them.  You feel super feminine and pretty when you wear them.  Dresses are also effortless because you don't have to match together a bunch of separates.  They are comfortable and easy, but also automatically make you look like you tried.   
          StyleWe offers a large selection of unique dresses.  One style of dress that is particularly popular right now is the two-piece dress.  Two-piece dresses are a variety of co-ord in some cases and others, they are just two pieces that go well together.  You can check out all of the two-piece dresses from StyleWe.  I have selected a few of my favorites from this category.  If you notice, my favorites happen to follow a black, white and pink trend.  I'm not sure why but I have been really into pink lately.  These dresses would be nice for the remainder of the holiday season and into the rest of winter, especially the third one.  You can check out StyleWe on Instagram and Twitter too!


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Crazy Christmas Outfit

6:12:00 PM Andrea Ryan 5 Comments

TOP: Forever 21(sold out)
PURSE: Forever 2-in store (similar one here)
SKIRT: Forever 21
BOOTS: Sugar (from Ross)
TIGHTS: Marshall's
RING: H&M (from my advent calender)

          Merry Christmas everyone! This is what I wore on Christmas Eve this year.  Basically all of it is just from Forever 21.  They marked down all of their Christmas clothes early this year so I was able to get it on sale and in time for Christmas.  I think the bag is so cute.  It's super original and festive.  I know it's a bit ridiculous, but that's fashion.  I love the sweater too.  It has little Christmas things made out of sequins.  I kind of just went the super tacky route this year.  


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Snowy Grey in Rose Wholesale

11:50:00 PM Andrea Ryan 4 Comments

TOP: Rose Wholesale | SKIRT: Forever 21 | JACKET: H&M | PURSE: Michael Kors | SUNGLASSES: Rose Wholesale | BOOTS: Ross | COLORFUL RING: Rose Wholesale | SILVER | RING: Rose Wholesale | EARRING: Rose Wholesale | FLEECE LINED TIGHTS: Marshall's

          This outfit was assembled with the top as the base.  I got this shirt from Rose Wholesale, and when I ordered it, I completely forgot that it was cold out.  I had to find a way to incorporate it into a wearable outfit for winter.  I have no idea how I had such little concern for the weather considering I am complaining about the cold no less than 10 times a day.  I went with a black and grey color scheme here.  I just love how all of the textures go together.  Anyway, I do love this top, and can't wait to wear it in the summer.  
          The accessories I chose to go with this outfit are all from Rose Wholesale as well.  I know you don't normally think of sunglasses when you see snow, but I still use them in the winter to block the wind from my eyes, and for the occasional sunny day.  When you live in the Midwest, there are all sorts of elements to deal with.  The jewelry is super sparkly and holiday appropriate too.  


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Christmas Spirit

7:16:00 PM Andrea Ryan 7 Comments

TOP: Zaful
LEGGINGS: Lauren Conrad
MUG: Kohl's
NECKLACE: H&M (from my advent calender) 

          I though it would be fun to do a super Christmas-y post (even though the last one was too).  This is my Christmas tree this year.  I wanted to go with a travel theme.  The last few vacations that I have been on, I bought an ornament as a souvenir.  I want my Christmas tree to entirely consist of ornaments from everywhere I go, eventually.  This year, I have some round ones and pinecones mixed in, but I do have a lot from different places.  I also included some star shaped atlas ornaments.  I am really excited for all of my future travels because I feel like ornaments make really great souvenirs.  I love when trees have a theme, but also include sentimental ornaments.  This one has both.  
          I am wearing this Christmas top from Zaful.  It has an image of Santa Claus in his sleigh, with reindeer.  It's really cute and has kind of a vintage feel.  The image reminds me of the type of picture that is printed on really old Christmas decorations.  I'm not sure if you know what I am talking about but my grandma has some.  It just reminds me of my childhood, and makes me excited for the holiday.  I just wore leggings underneath.  


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Travel Posts

Christkindlmarket, Chicago

3:59:00 PM Andrea Ryan 3 Comments

COAT: Forever 21
BOOTS: Forever 21
PURSE: Michael Kors

          I went to the Christkindlmarket in Chicago for the first time this weekend.  I've been wanting to go check it out, but didn't get the chance until now.  It's basically just a German Christmas Market right downtown.  There are a bunch of booths that sell different items that are made in Germany.  I wanted to go because I love Christmas ornaments that come from different places.  I found some really cute ones for my tree.  The weather was pretty intense.  When we got there it was lightly snowing, but when we left Chicago was getting hit by a snow storm.  It wasn't too crowded because of the weather.  If you go I recommend going on a weekday because weekends are normally very crowded.  
          I am wearing this new sweater from H&M.  I bought it on Black Friday for only $10.  I love how it fits and it's already one of my favorite sweaters.  I linked it above, in case you want to check it out.  


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Blue Velvet

3:53:00 PM Andrea Ryan 6 Comments

DRESS: Zaful
BOOTS: Go Jane
PURSE: Forever 21
RING: H&M (from my advent calendar)

          Velvet has always been one of my favorite fabrics.  It's shiny, luxurious, and soft.  It's just so pretty!  Velvet in the winter is like floral in the summer, it's always in style.  This dress is from Zaful. I love it not only because it's velvet, but the color is also beautiful.  It's kind of hard to tell the exact color in these pictures, but it's very unusual.  It's not quite navy or cobalt.  It's a big greener.  I styled it by tying this lace ribbon around my neck, and wearing some tights and booties.  This ring was in my advent calendar, from H&M.  Check out Zaful on Instagram.  


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Neutral Bags from*

6:36:00 PM Andrea Ryan 4 Comments

          I'm always on the hunt for cute neutral colored bags.  They looks so clean and sleek, and go with everything.  Don't get me wrong, I love colors too.  Neutral bags are just more of a wardrobe staple.  I have selected some of my favorites from  They are all very affordable too.  
          The first one that I am showing you is this studded backpack.  I am really into backpacks at the moment because I think they are super convenient and refreshing.  I love how this one looks.  I really just like everything about it.  The little dot studs are fun.  
          The next bag is this black one.  It's another studded bag.  I guess I am just loving studs at the moment.  This one just looks like it would be expensive, but it isn't.  They also have it in several different colors.  I like most of the other colors but this black one would go with the most.  It's just perfect for winter.  
          The third bag is an very unusual shape.  I love how unique it looks.  It's also the prettiest shade of grey.  It kind of reminds me of the shape of some popular designer bags.  I can't pinpoint exactly which designers I am thinking of but maybe you know what I mean.  This one also comes in multiple colors.  
          White is a good color bag to have.  I have a few white bags and I use them all the time.  They are good to wear with lighter colors, when you don't have a bag that really matches.  This one is small and cute.  It seems like it would be perfect to just carry around your money and a cell phone.  It seems perfect for a night out.  I have some similar bags and I love them.  
 has a large variety of items to shop.  Aside from purses, they also have shoes, beauty products, and intimates.  They are all affordably priced.  There are several pairs of shoes that I love too.  Be sure to check out that category if you have time.  


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