A Glimmer of Warmth

1:38:00 PM Andrea Ryan 11 Comments

DRESS: Target (in store only) | CARDIGAN: Forever 21 (sold out) | BOOTS: Sugar | LEGGINGS: Forever 21 | NECKLACE: Target

          These photos were taken last Saturday.  The weather was amazing.  It was warm enough to ditch the coat and go to the beach.  My boyfriend and I went to one of my favorite local beaches for a few hours.  The outfit that I am wearing is pretty new.  I got the dress from Target last week in the sale section.  It's just a basic long sleeve, turtle neck dress.  I am wearing this mauve cardigan over the top.  I got it for Christmas and like how the two look together.  It's just a pretty basic casual outfit, perfect for exploring around the sand dunes.  

          Totally unrelated to this post, I just want to mention that I am selling a lot of my clothing on Poshmark.  I am also planning on adding them to Depop eventually.  You guys should follow me on one or both if you are interested in anything you see me post about.  I am planning on moving to LA at the end of the year and need to downsize my wardrobe.  I also tend to sell my items at a low price because I really just need to get rid of them! 😃

POSHMARK: @fancyfashcastle
DEPOP: @bananandrea

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