Ruffled Button Up

5:37:00 PM Andrea Ryan 6 Comments

PURSE: Target | TOP: Rose Wholesale | JEANS: Blue Spice | BOOTS: Forever 21 | COAT: Forever 21

          This top is from Rose Wholesale.  I love the style of it.  I think the ruffles and embroidery are so cute.  It gives off major preppy vibes because of the striped fabric, which is also pretty fun.  One thing that kind of bothers me about this top is that it doesn't fit quite right.  The shoulders are very narrow.  I do have broad shoulders for my size because I was a swimmer and gymnast, so I built up a lot of back and shoulder muscle.  I think it would fit the average person, though.  I love it so much, and wish it fit properly.  

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  1. Fantastic shirt:) You look beautiful:)

  2. That is such a cute skirt and I love your handbag!


  3. Amazing shirt!
    Love the boots too.



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