Soft Winter Scarf

3:06:00 PM Andrea Ryan 9 Comments

SCARF (Winter Soft Color Block Plaid Tassel Shawl Pashmina): Yoshop | SWEATER: J.C. Penney | LEGGINGS: Forever 21 | BOOTS: Steve Madden | PURSE: Marc by Marc Jacobs | SUNGLASSES: Zero UV

          I originally got this scarf to match my grey coat.  I think the two would look really nice together.  Since then, the weather has warmed up a ton and I haven't been needing my winter coat.  I still wanted to blog this scarf, so I paired it with this new sweater from J.C. Penny.  It's a pretty basic long sweater that I like to wear leggings under.  I got it for only $0.80 (using a coupon)!  I really like the two paired together because it still follows the same color scheme that I had originally intended.  This scarf is also incredibly soft.  It's actually much better quality than I had expected.  It's from Yoshop.  

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  1. Good post, have a good day

  2. Nice outfit:) I like your scarf:)

  3. Really nice look, such a nice scarf.Love the photos xoxo

  4. Wow you've been blogging for so long! You will like to see more from this website.


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