Valentines Day Prep

6:18:00 PM Andrea Ryan 9 Comments

          I made these cookies today in preparation for Valentines Day.  I am sure they will be gone before then though.  Baking is one of my other loves (besides travel and fashion).  My favorite things to make are cakes and cookies.  I love making cookies because there are so many cute cookie cutters out there! I am starting to get a pretty big collection of fun cookie cutters.  I bought these heart shaped ones recently.  The set I got was from Walmart and it came with 5 different size hearts.  I've really only just begun to dabble in sugar cookie making.  I used to make all of the other types of cookies because sugar cookies are more time consuming.  
          To make these I just used a recipe that I found online.  You can find that HERE.  It's a really good recipe in my opinion.  To get chewy cookies I just made them a little bit thicker and took them out of the oven after 6-7 minutes.  The tiny ones I took out even sooner.  To frost them smoothly I just made my icing more liquid-y.  I used a piping bag and a thin round tip.  I am definitely no professional but I have been doing a little bit of research on decorating techniques.  For the piping, I used thicker icing after the base layer cooled.  
          I wanted to incorporate a few other topics into my blog, besides just fashion.  If you regularly read my blog you have probably noticed the beauty posts as well.  I will be doing another post for Valentines Day when the actual day gets closer.  It will be an outfit post so stay tuned!

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  3. Your Valentine cookies are so adorable!!


  4. This is so cute. Love cookies like this :) I follow You, hope You can do the same Candymona

  5. Omg they're so cute !! I'm pretty sure they're delicious


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