Cream Sweater

10:14:00 AM Andrea Ryan 6 Comments

SWEATER: Romeo & Juliet Couture | JEANS: Forever 21 | BOOTS: Steve Madden | NECKLACE: Target | PURSE: Marc by Marc Jacobs

          This was one of my favorite sweaters from the winter.  I bought it early on from Marshall's.  It's this super stretchy, thick knit fabric.  It's so warm and comfortable.  The color is also amazing.  I just really love everything about it.  I'm definitely a sweater girl.  The only thing about wearing sweaters that it kind of conflicting for me is that I hate wearing jeans.  I always buy ones that have a ton of stretch to them.  I can't stand stiff pants.  Nothing is worse than not being able to comfortably sit down when you are also freezing.  This was just a super quick blog post so I could talk about one of my favorite sweaters.  

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