Styling a Bodysuit

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dunes state park
Mermaid bodysuit
I grew up with mermaids
bucket bag
how to style a bodysuit
high waist jean shorts
BODYSUIT: H&M | SHORTS: Levi's (thrifted) | PURSE: Target  | SUNGLASSES: Yoshop | SANDALS: Forever 21 | NECKLACE: H&M

          I recently found these shorts at Plato's Closet.  I love the way they are just basic high-wasted denim shorts.  It is so hard to find high-wasted shorts that aren't super short, a weird dye color,  or distressed, that are also affordable.  I am wearing them with my only bodysuit.  I'm still not really sure how I feel about bodysuits because they are ridiculously tight and inconvenient to wear.  However, I do love that this one says "I grew up with mermaids."  I have a bit of an obsession with mermaids.  I used to wear bodysuits in elementary school and I loved them.  I think that's the last time I wore one.  Also, I will be selling this bag on my Poshmark store: @fancyfashcastle.  


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Stores I'm Not Happy With

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Some stores have been making me mad lately and I just wanted to talk about some of the ones that I have had bad experiences with.  I'm sure everybody has a list of stores that they don't want to go back to either from bad customer service, poor quality products, or any other reason.  

The first store is Kohl's.  Yes, I know I have some things from there and I have even blogged about them before.  Generally I just find their products to be pretty poor quality with high prices.  They treat their customers like they are stupid by setting their prices super high, then marking everything on sale.  I get so fed up with stores that do that.  Also, from a girl who loves fashion, they have a lot of items that are just kind of bla.

Urban outfitters annoys me because shipping costs so much! I always find something on their site that I want but it doesn't meet the "minimum spend for free shipping" amount.  I hardly ever pay for shipping because I feel like that cost shouldn't be the responsibility of the consumer.  If you are buying from a store, they should pay for at least part of the cost to ship the item to you.

The third place is  Their team is very bad at communicating.  As a blogger I work with some companies for collaborations and was contacted by them.  I did everything they asked and was not compensated the way I was supposed to be.  If you are a blogger, don't work with them.  If you are a consumer don't buy there dresses.  There are plenty of inexpensive dresses out there and it's not worth buying from a company that you know will probably let you down.  


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Travel Posts

Turkey Run State Park Fun

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suspension bridge
indiana river
Me on a rock
Fern valley
Turkey run state park
Turkey run state park
Turkey run
TOP: Souvenir from Key West | SHORTS: Target | SHOES: Target | BACKPACK: Vera Wang
         My sister came to visit from Florida for a few days.  It was a few days before Easter.  We did a bunch of fun things and one of them was go to Turkey Run State Park.  It's my second favorite Indiana State Park.  If you aren't from around here, I'm guessing you have never been.  Not many people come to Indiana as a destination.  I have to say, it's a surprising little gem in the middle of nowhere.  There are a bunch canyons and waterfalls, a river where you can canoe, horses, and an inn. The trails are really fun because you have to walk through the waterfall at certain points.  There are ladders you have to climb and a suspension bridge.  If you pass through Indiana and are nearby, I highly recommend you stop.  Turkey Run is located about halfway down the state on the west side.  Check out my blog post from the last time I went HERE!          


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Black Lace-Up Dresses from Zaful

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Drawstring Checked Dress
Embroidered Tunic
Lace-Up Dress

Embroidered Tunic

          Hey guys! I'm sure you all know what Zaful is by now but I wanted to talk about some of their items.  They have some really amazing styles for affordable prices.  It's a great place to look for super trendy items.  If you are looking for a specific trend that you want to try, but are unsure if you should invest a lot, you should try Zaful.  They have a ton of options of black lace-up dresses and button up shirt dresses.  I have selected some of my favorites of each.
          Lace-up dresses are still in style and I think the trend will be super popular this summer.   Black lace-up dresses are perfect for occasions or going out.  I love the embroidery on the first one I have selected.  The second one is really nice because it's pretty minimal.  The lace-up detail is the main attraction.  
          Button up shirt dresses are really cute too.  I think they are also perfect for summer because they would be fun to wear over a swimsuit or out to a picnic.  They are super casual and classic.  Zaful has many varieties.  I love this pink one because it's so pretty.  The color is super feminine.  The last one is really nice because of the embroidery.  Once again, I love embroidery.  

*This post is in collaboration with Zaful*


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Embroidered Lace for Easter

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picnic table
Easter Dress
Embroidered Lace
Gold flats
white dress
gold choker
lace dress

DRESS: Romeo & Juliet Couture | SUNGLASSES: Monki (ASOS) | FLATS: H&M (still available in store) | CHOKER: Zaful

Happy Easter everybunny!ūüź£ūüźį  This is my Easter dress this year.  We had one celebration on Easter Eve and one on Easter with different family members.  This is the dress that I wore on Easter Eve.  My sister came to visit from Florida so we have been doing tons of fun things the past few days.  We went to the beach before going to my grandma's house (where I took these pictures).  I got this dress last summer but haven't had a chance to wear it.  It's pretty lucky because I always like having new dresses for holidays and events.  They just feel more special that way.  I also got these flats from H&M the other day.  They were only $3! I don't normally go for a ballet flat but I love the gold and I know they are supposed to be super trendy for spring.  I was just really drawn to them and couldn't pass them up for such a cheap price.  


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Faux Leather Bomber

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Portage Lakefront
Leather Bomber jacket
Embroidered jacket
casual outfit
Lake michigan
bomber jacket

JACKET: Rue 21 | JEANS: Forever 21 | PURSE: H&M | TOP: J.C. Penney | BOOTS: Sugar

          Hello guys! I hope everyone is having a good week.  Mine has been pretty good but I have been sick lately.  I am pretty much better though.  I have some really exciting things coming up this year that I have been starting to sort out this week.  ūüėÉ
          This outfit is a combination of a bunch of items that I have had for a while.  The jacket is probably the oldest.  I got it on super sale at Rue 21 a few summers ago.  It was just before I went on a trip with my family to the Pacific Northwest.  I was desperate for a jacket to take and I couldn't find one.  I quickly grabbed this one and was never even sure if I like it our not.  After having it for a while, I have taken quite a liking to it.  It's surprising how well it fits and how nice it feels for how cheap it was.  I never really find things at Rue 21 because I find the quality to be not even worth the small amount of money.  This was just an exception I guess.   


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Black & White Leaves

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SKIRT: H&M | TOP: H&M | BOOTS: Steve Madden | PURSE: H&M | SUNGLASSES: Zero UV

          Happy Spring! It's finally getting warm enough to wear things that aren't necessarily thick winter clothes.  I put together this outfit.  I got the top and skirt both from H&M on Black Friday.  I like the way they look together because they are the same basic color scheme.  It's a bit chaotic but I still think it works well.  The print on the skirt just makes me so happy.  It's the kind of skirt that you can wear on a tropical holiday or the dead of winter with tights.  It's just so versatile.  And of course I am wearing my favorite black booties.  They go with so many of my outfits!


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