Black Lace-Up Dresses from Zaful

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Drawstring Checked Dress
Embroidered Tunic
Lace-Up Dress

Embroidered Tunic

          Hey guys! I'm sure you all know what Zaful is by now but I wanted to talk about some of their items.  They have some really amazing styles for affordable prices.  It's a great place to look for super trendy items.  If you are looking for a specific trend that you want to try, but are unsure if you should invest a lot, you should try Zaful.  They have a ton of options of black lace-up dresses and button up shirt dresses.  I have selected some of my favorites of each.
          Lace-up dresses are still in style and I think the trend will be super popular this summer.   Black lace-up dresses are perfect for occasions or going out.  I love the embroidery on the first one I have selected.  The second one is really nice because it's pretty minimal.  The lace-up detail is the main attraction.  
          Button up shirt dresses are really cute too.  I think they are also perfect for summer because they would be fun to wear over a swimsuit or out to a picnic.  They are super casual and classic.  Zaful has many varieties.  I love this pink one because it's so pretty.  The color is super feminine.  The last one is really nice because of the embroidery.  Once again, I love embroidery.  

*This post is in collaboration with Zaful*

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