Faux Leather Bomber

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Portage Lakefront
Leather Bomber jacket
Embroidered jacket
casual outfit
Lake michigan
bomber jacket

JACKET: Rue 21 | JEANS: Forever 21 | PURSE: H&M | TOP: J.C. Penney | BOOTS: Sugar

          Hello guys! I hope everyone is having a good week.  Mine has been pretty good but I have been sick lately.  I am pretty much better though.  I have some really exciting things coming up this year that I have been starting to sort out this week.  😃
          This outfit is a combination of a bunch of items that I have had for a while.  The jacket is probably the oldest.  I got it on super sale at Rue 21 a few summers ago.  It was just before I went on a trip with my family to the Pacific Northwest.  I was desperate for a jacket to take and I couldn't find one.  I quickly grabbed this one and was never even sure if I like it our not.  After having it for a while, I have taken quite a liking to it.  It's surprising how well it fits and how nice it feels for how cheap it was.  I never really find things at Rue 21 because I find the quality to be not even worth the small amount of money.  This was just an exception I guess.   

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  1. Love the embroidery on the hands..

  2. Wonderful photos

    I Follow yours posts by May Blog List (MBL - top right) on Blogs Showcase
    Best regards

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    Chic Poradnik

  3. Love your bomber Jacket, it's chic.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  4. Love this bomber!!


  5. Love your jacket!!


  6. Cute bomber jacket. :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria



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