Stores I'm Not Happy With

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Some stores have been making me mad lately and I just wanted to talk about some of the ones that I have had bad experiences with.  I'm sure everybody has a list of stores that they don't want to go back to either from bad customer service, poor quality products, or any other reason.  

The first store is Kohl's.  Yes, I know I have some things from there and I have even blogged about them before.  Generally I just find their products to be pretty poor quality with high prices.  They treat their customers like they are stupid by setting their prices super high, then marking everything on sale.  I get so fed up with stores that do that.  Also, from a girl who loves fashion, they have a lot of items that are just kind of bla.

Urban outfitters annoys me because shipping costs so much! I always find something on their site that I want but it doesn't meet the "minimum spend for free shipping" amount.  I hardly ever pay for shipping because I feel like that cost shouldn't be the responsibility of the consumer.  If you are buying from a store, they should pay for at least part of the cost to ship the item to you.

The third place is  Their team is very bad at communicating.  As a blogger I work with some companies for collaborations and was contacted by them.  I did everything they asked and was not compensated the way I was supposed to be.  If you are a blogger, don't work with them.  If you are a consumer don't buy there dresses.  There are plenty of inexpensive dresses out there and it's not worth buying from a company that you know will probably let you down.  

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