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TOP: Zaful || SHORTS: Levi's || SUNGLASSES: Zero UV || SANDALS: Candies || CHOKER: Zaful

          Happy Friday!  This outfit is another casual one.  I got this top in from Zaful a few days ago.  I ordered it because I love the big "lemon" on the front.  I say "lemon" because it looks a lot more like a lime.  The shirt is super soft though and fits really well.  It's probably the softest shirt I have ever felt.  I think I might take acrylic paint and paint it yellow.  I know it doesn't wash out of clothes and you can do a lot with it.  Or I can just keep it how it is and wear it in a bit more of a comical way.  Let me know what you think I should do!  I decided to tie it up because that's what I have been doing lately when I wear oversized t-shirts with high-wasted bottoms.  Sometimes I will tuck them in or do the side-hip-tuck thing.  I feel like this way looks better with shorts.  

I also want to mention my Poshmark store again.  I am moving to L.A. and need to get rid of the majority of my clothing.  Be sure to check it out because I am selling everything very cheap!

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  1. Cute little top. I'm loving the fruit trend that's going on lately.

  2. It's cute. Zaful has great prices!


  3. That shirt is too cute!



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