My Fourth of July Celebration

10:33:00 AM Andrea Ryan 4 Comments

I'm not really doing an outfit post this year for Fourth of July because I was pretty much wearing a swimsuit the whole time.  Sunday I went on my family's boat, Monday I went to my grandma's beach house, and on Tuesday (the fourth) I went on the boat again.  It was a very fun few days of beach related activities.  I saw two firework shows out over Lake Michigan, went for a moped ride along the beach, laid out on my inflatable flamingo, got sunburned, ate a lot of food, did a little shopping, and swam in the water.  
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  1. Beautiful photo! I hope you had a wonderful fourth of july!


  2. I'm following you now. Visiting you back! Thanks for your comment. Waiting for more content in the page.


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