Red in Louisville

9:32:00 AM Andrea Ryan 5 Comments

ROMPER: Zaful || PURSE: Michael Kors || SANDALS: Forever 21 || SUNGLASSES: Asos

           This past weekend I went to Louisville, Kentucky to visit my oldest friend.  It was really fun.  We did a bunch of different things.  All of these photos were taken downtown.  If you ever visit Louisville or drive through, you should check out Steel City Pops.  That was my favorite place.  They make really interesting flavors of popsicles! 
            On the last day I wore this romper from Zaful.  It fits really well and it's super cute.  I actually ordered this with the intention of wearing it for Fourth of July.  I didn't get it in time so I brought it to Louisville.  If you buy this I recommend washing it before you wear it.  The dye rubs off.  

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  1. wow!! such a beautiful place...

  2. Louisville looks gorgeous, love the architecture there. Your red romper looks so beautiful on you, hun :)


  3. That rumper is adorable. Love the color and I love how you styled it.
    I follow you,can we follow each other?

  4. Love the photos! Your outfit is stunning!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris


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