Ruffled Pink Maxi Dress

9:55:00 PM Andrea Ryan 6 Comments

MAXI DRESS: Zaful | PURSE: Forever 21 | SANDALS: Forever 21

          This is the other maxi dress that I got from Zaful (besides this one).  I think it's so interesting with all of the ruffles.  It just looks so perfect because of the off the shoulder style combined with all of the detail.  It's not as wearable because I think it's a bit more dressy.  Unfortunately, I don't really have any occasions that I can wear it to.  Am I the only one that thinks that there aren't enough dressy occasions in life?  It always makes me a bit sad.  I think this purse looks really cute with it.  I also need to address how adorable this ice-cream cone purse is.  I'm pretty sure it's the cutest purse I have ever seen.  

Plus Size Prom Dresses

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  1. What a nice dress, and love the way you styled it, this is one very cute bag xo

  2. You look amazing, I love the style of your outfit! The dress and bag are pretty! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. What a cute dress. So girly & delicate!

    Kara Aragon


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